Website full of 3.5e NPC builds

Here it is. Very useful stuff.

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Good find. In the theme of NPC builds… for those that play Pathfinder 1e there is this as well.
you will want to use the “master link

There is also this from AON. - unfortunately it doesn’t have any of the NPCs from the Villain Codex

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Ideally we would have something like this for Dark Sun, starting with generic NPCs that can slot into any Dark Sun campaign.

3.5e Statblocks are my weakness. If anyone wants to tutor me on that, let me know.

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I’d be happy to, I’ve got some thoughts about where and how :wink:.

(There’s still some stat-block work for the Dead Lands to be done, and that’d dovetail nicely.)

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Indeed. Problem for me is that, in the main, my experience with 3.5e comes from gaming, meaning the epitome of 3.5e, Neverwinter Nights 2. So I have a certain degree of understanding, but not at the level of a D&D accountant.

I’ve walked folks who were only acquainted with 2e through it, and total nubes. I’m sure you’ll be fine.

Seriously, PM me and we’ll figure something out. We can do new stuff, or your Spelljammer Werewolves or whatever.

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More NPC builds here:

Plus an NPC generator for 3.5 and PF


And here

And loads of other resources for DMs

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I think the 3.5 NPC generator above may help you with generating NPC stats. Or at least speed up some of the process