Wendigo- Adapting to Dark Sun

So this is the final monster from the Paizo Pathfinder book, Mythological Monsters Revisited.


The Wendigo! Evil spirit, tied to cannibalism, madness, cannibalism, despair, cannibalism and… other things I am sure. This is a monster most people should be familiar with in concept at least. Paizo “fleshes out” the concept, if you’ll excuse the phrase. However, some of you may be thinking that the wendigo is arctic. How could an arctic monster ever work in Dark Sun?


The book gives example of VARIANT wendigo. The most obvious one is the desert wendigo. It focuses on THIRST the desperate need for water. It would be a great thing to keep in your back pocket, for that time the players inevitably don’t do well in the arid clime of Athas. Another is a “bucca” wendigo. This one is subterranean. Specifically, it invokes the idea of survival during a cave in. Caught in the ground, claustrophobia, running out of supplies.

Either one would work fine in Dark Sun. The first especially strikes me as a good fit.

Let’s see. Next I’ve got a lot of Al-Qadim, Sandstorm, some Darklands books, Misfit monsters redeemed…

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might be worth reading Algernon Blackwood’s story The Wendigo if you plan to use this monster.

Required reading good sir!

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