What are your combat strategies?

A favorite of the preserver is to stack a modified clone spell that allows multiple simultaneous versions of himself to act, then split personality, haste, time dilation, dimension blade, accelerate and then accept stacked penalties for extra attacks. Every round is a devastating thunderclap of damage.

Of course we use 2e rules. I am not even familiar with the capabilities of anything after 2e.

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Nasty spell/psionic combination. I love split personality.

My Preserver would cast Improved invisibilty, delayed blast fireball 4 times, then prismatic spray. So, it took a few rounds, but usually ended the fight against most foes.

I also use 2nd edition rules.

Be a wizard, have the highest initiative. That’s pretty much all the tactics needed for 3rd edition. wistful sigh

With psionics like Energy Containment and some kind of Spelleater item, or something like a void shield, that eats energy and spits it out later, the field can be leveled against a wizard.

I’m not familiar with that psionic power or either of the items you mention. However, if you think I meant blasting, I didn’t. Haste, Black Tentacles, Slow, Summon Monster, etc.

Our party fighter had a spelleater item for a while. Any spell cast at him, including Slow, Tentacles, Confusion, etc., was eaten by it and its power grew correspondingly. It would also devour spells on anything it hit, haste, mirror image, etc. We never hit a summon with it, though, I’m not sure what would have occurred then. With enough spells eaten, he could unleash the energy at a target. If this wasn’t enough, it also had dispel capability. Any high-power wizard did not long have clean shorts in his presence.

Sounds homebrew. And ya, if you give the fighter a super weapon specifically designed to fight wizards makes sense that wizards would have a rough time. Although the wizards could just fly out of range of the fighter I suppose.

ETA speaking for 3rd edition. 2nd edition may have been different.

Step 1:Stay out of combat
Step 2:Let other party members fight
Step 3:Loot corpses
Step 4:Find new party members


Now that is an elven combat strategy if I ever heard one.

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Works well for halflings too