What kinds of Athas.org articles would you like to see more of?

Hey everyone!

Some of you might have noticed we’ve been a lot more active this year with posting fresh articles and other content to the Athas.org’s Articles sections. (Burnt World of Athas)

Now I wanted to ask for feedback from the group.

What kinds of content would you most like to see more of? (pick up to 4)

  • Encounters of Athas (DM-ready encounters for use in your games)
  • What Your Father Told You series (conversations in the voices of different characters/races)
  • Athasian Survey Project (serial showcasing seldom-visited locations on the world map)
  • Journal of Zong-Tossu (serial adventures of an ancient Rhulisti warrior)
  • The Sorcerer’s Workshop (DM-ready magical items or spells)
  • Athasian Flora and Fauna (Like Dragon Magazine’s old “Ecology of…” series for DS monsters/plants)
  • Other ideas for features (specify in the comments below)

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In Athas, the point is to travel. Whether your a Dune-Trader, Preserver, or an escaped-slave, you’re gonna walk around the map.

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Sounds like a vote for Athasian Survey Project!

I should also mention I’ve seen three more votes from the Facebook group where they didn’t sign in here-- One for Journal of Zong-Tossu, one for Athasian Flora and Fauna, and one for Encounters of Athas.