What treaure would be in a Id Feind Colony

I have living underneath Urick a Id Feind colony growing fat off the fears of the population. Lead by a huge one of its kind Dreadmouth. They are going to be encountering my pcs soon. What Treasure would they have? They are intelligent enough to understand the value of things. But would they keep anything? And I know one of my pcs will try if they get a egg can you raise them?

“Dried Id Fiend blood is used in the creation of a potion concocted by psionic researchers; the potion allegedly increases the imbibers psionic abilities for brief periods of time.”

Seems like there is some treasure right there… the bones and scales might also have some value because of their rarity and symbolic meaning to prospective buyers, or maybe even for making psionic artifacts.


If you say that some templars or whomever went down there previously to clear out the Id Fiends, then their equipment could be down there now, letting you place whatever you want.

IdF’s are Int 13-14, so i imagine they’d be pretty sharp about collecting treasure to draw in prey…