What Were Tithian's Final Stats?

What it says on the tin. Does anyone have any opinions on what Tithian’s stats and level in classes would have been at the end, before he got banished with Rajaat? He was obviously more of a psion than a defiler, and the dark lens certainly upped his power, but otherwise . . ?

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11th level psion, 5th level master the way (my homebrew). Manifester level 16, manifests 8th level powers. Wizard 4. Caster level 8 (via practiced spellcaster), casts 2nd level spells. 20 levels overall. Retrained 17 levels of templar, and gained 3 levels over the course of 10 years.

This part of his stats seems extremely high given his limited psionic feats in the Prism Pentad. He seemed mid level at best except when he held the Dark Lens (which pretty much makes level irrelevant).

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I took the Athas.org version and altered it slightly to give him a few more levels: aristocrat 2/telepath 3/templar 12/defiler 8/cerebremancer 2.

He was born an aristocrat, studied the way (but wasn’t very good), joined the templars and rose decently in the ranks but didn’t start learning defiling until after Kalak’s death but under the tutelage of two former Champions made decent progress in 10 years and even started training his lacking psionics. If things had progressed as he was promised and planned, he would have picked up a couple more levels as a cerebremancer before moving on to the student of Rajaat, then becoming a sorcerer king.

Unfortunately for him, things didn’t go as planned, he got caught up in events that led to him being trapped in the Cerulean Storm. He achieved immortality, power, but not in the way he envisioned. As time progressed he managed to find an out (Whispers of the Storm) and became the Cerulean Lord. He’s been raising a cult with chapters in the wastes and multiple cities since then and plans to go down the path of the Cerulean Lord.

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Possibly the difference between editions. An alternative could be Noble 5 (from Dragonlance) Psion 10, Wizard 5…

Rainclouds have stats? :joy: :joy: :joy:

Sorry, that’s not helpful. I’ll show myself out!

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He had em before he became a raincloud, and after he regained a body. :slight_smile:

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I was being a little irreverent. Its been one of those weeks.

Wait…when did Tithian regain a body? How did I miss that?

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Its in his homebrew.

I read that but didn’t twig that Tithian actually succeeded in being corporeal again.

SeruZmaj, is Cerulean Lord a unique advanced being or just a title/function?

And on that subject, has anyone done a Cerulean Advanced Being? I’m sure I saw talk of one but can’t remember where or when.

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I just checked the Whispers of the Storm published by Athas dot org. At the end if the PCs fail to stop him, Tithian frees himself from imprisonment.

Ah, I see - Should the PCs be unable to kill Rugar, the ritual will be completed, and Tithian, former King of Tyr will be released from the Cerulean Storm. His essence will merge with Rugar and take complete control of the halfling’s mind.

That sounds like Tithian’s luck actually - escape the Storm only to end up stuck in a halfling’s body. I assume that Tithian would retain an affinity for the Cerulean Storm- potentially drawing power from it as a Cerulean does rather than being a defiler, possibly going straight to 10th level as a Cerulean.

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In my homebrew Cerulean Lord was a title he took, but I also used the same name for my Advanced Being (Legends of Athas Revisited (House Rules)) as he was planned to be the first to get there. He hasn’t actually started that path yet, but he’s working on getting the required psionic and magical mastery.

I created a template for when he got out of the storm that gave him some storm powered abilities, I’ll dig it up and post it. I think he advanced a few levels by the time I actually used him, but you’ll get the idea. Student of Rajaat was also a homebrew prestige class, I’ll see if I can dig that up too.

Template and Prestige class are likely a bit controversial, I subscribe to the idea that SMs are for all intents and purposes gods in Athas and when matched against real gods, the real thing they are missing is the divine hit dice and powers, and that with very few exceptions, they can only grant followers spells when both are on Athas.


Have you seen the Cosmic Entities rules from Dicefreaks? Basically, the multiverse has entities that are not gods, but are very powerful, almost peers to gods. Gods can one-shot mortals with their divine salient abilities, but they can’t do that to Cosmic Entities.

The Gates of Hell, by Dicefreaks Publishing

I had not seen that. I’ll take a look.

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