What's West of the Khanates?

If there are teases. I know it looks like the Kreen have a caste of mad scientists and the Lask come from the west, so maybe former experiments live there?


Hard to say. There were a ton of hanging plot hooks in the thri kreen supplement that were never elaborated upon.

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Its beenn awhile. Can you name a few?

Same here. I can name one. We don’t really get the real story behind the kreen mad scientists.

Wasn’t there some implication by ex-writers in various interviews that the Zic-Chil were what was left of the Nature Benders? It’s a pretty popular fanon theory, but I’m not sure if of the Dark Sun writers from TSR have weighed in.

I was never keen on the benders becoming zic-chil. I lean more toward they were bended from the primitive kreen during the Blue Age with the purpose of assisting the benders with their life-bending experiments.

I don’t remember any implications of that sort. The kreen were contemporaries of the ancient halflings, however, and probably developed kreen centric life-bending methods adapted from the halflings.

My assumption was that surviving nature benders that made it into the Green Age either taught zic-chil their craft or created the zic-chil entirely.

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Where would the Nature Benders have gone, what would they have done afterwords? Wouldn’t they have stuck around?

I thought the Thri-Kreen were small and dumb in the Blue Age. Would this theory lead to all the Thri-Kreen being Shaped products of the Zic-Chil then? And how does that meash with the existence of the Trin?

They were smaller and had wings and were presumably less intelligent. My take is that nature-benders bent some of the primitive kreen to become zic-chil during the Blue Age with the purpose of assisting them with transforming the remaining kreen to serve as a rhulisti slave race. Kind of lends credence to why the Kreen Empire has such a hate on for the rhul-than of the Jagged Cliffs.

For me, trin are either victims of the Pristine Tower or kreen that were intentionally de-evolved as punishment by the zic-chil.


In my headcanon (when i bothered to think about it), i presumed the Thri-Kreen evolved (bigger/smarter) as the world dried up and opportunities/ evolutionary pressures abounded. And the Trin just didn’t develop as much making them more of a missing link.

Evolution is a possibility, but the span from the end of the Blue Age to present-day Athas is only 14,000 years. Thats a relatively small amount of time for kreen to naturally evolve.

Agreed, but the same is true of psionic powers and the extream lethality of all the plants and animals.

Plus, “A wizard did it” is my least favorite trope for DnD.

The rapid appearance of psionics can be attributed to the changing of the sun from blue to yellow, unexcepted side-effects of the Rebirth, the detonation of the githzerai mind bomb, or a combination of those events.

(Shrug) I feel like the same could be said of physical evolution in a DnD world, but whichever - its just a matter of taste at that point.

I feel in standard D&D worlds most of that can be attributed to a race’s creation mythos being tied to a deity and divine intervention.

Hmm…so perhaps more Kreen empires west?

oooooh! I wanna see!

Maybe a far reaches of the kreen lands sourcebook is worthwhile…

The Empire continuing west is a bit uninspired. Would like to see something more unique than more kreen settlements. A few kreen outposts makes sense for keeping an eye on [fill in the blank]…

Agreed, depending on what map you’re looking at.