Where exactly is Kurn?

Title says it all.

I have seen vague descriptors of where Kurn is, or where New Kurn might be, but nothing more concrete than “North of the table lands”

And then I see east of White Mountains, north road from Draj. but here is where it gets confusing, I have seen reference to The Last Tree being nearby Kurn. But The Last Tree also says it is on the forest ridge. Are we counting the forest by the White Mountains as part of the Forest Ridge now?

I suppose the better question now is, where is The Last Tree?

I believe it is at the location of “plot device”. Would be nice to have something official.

Oh, wait. That’s right - anything published by Athas.org IS official. (for 3rd ed, anyway.)

I’d suggest that you poke your local templar and see if you can’t work up something quality for consideration.

The Last Tree is supposed to be somewhere in the Forest Ridge, near Tyr.

Kurn is on a map somewhere. it’s in the north, near Eldaarish and Saragar. New Kurn, if I remember correctly, is marked by a patch of green signifying a growing forested area.

The map in the 2ed Revised Campaign box set shows Kurn. Roughly 300 miles north-by-northeast of Draj, 50ish miles west of the shores of the Sea of Silt, 100ish miles southwest of the Nexus academy, 160ish miles east of the Troll Grave Chasm, 120ish miles south of the Small Water oasis.

Hope that helps

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Kurn is close to the north-east corner, and New Kurn is north-west of it. I don’t think the Last Tree was given a specific location in the Forest Ridge.

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