Where is Deche? - Origins of Hamanu (minor Chronicles of Athas spoilers)

The origins of most of Rajaat’s champions is obscure, without so much as a name. Others we have at least the location name, and a few we know where it is or even see it in prose (Wyan of Bodach, Uyness of Waverly). In the case of Hamanu, we know only the name “Manu of Deche” from his memoirs (RaFoaDK). I have recently come to the conclusion that Deche must in fact be Codesh. The town is ancient, even moreso than Urik, and Hamanu is ultimately quite sentimental for a SK, so it would make sense that he settled his power close to home. Any other candidates, what do my fellow Bright Manu enjoyers think?

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FYI This is using Lynn Abbey lore on Urik. Her novels were never added into canon, but are very rich in flavor, even if they have inconsistencies with other lore and game rules (which is par for the course for DS books).

Deche was a village on the eastern side of the Kreegill Mountain valley, which is an ancient name for the modern Left Gauntlet mountains. The mountain range is, east of Yaramuke, north of Raam and West of Draj. Only ruins if anything remains of it.

It is not Codesh. Codesh is a town he helped conquer and is the oldest of the 10 client villages surrounding Urik and the name of the first day of the week in Urik.


Showing the years since I read Rise and Fall here then, as I am a big fan of the Lynn Abbey books! Perhaps he considers it as a sort of stand in? He’s still fairly close to home, only one closer was Borys (unless I’m mistaken to believe Ur-Draxa is located where Ebe once stood). Thank you for your astute recall! :smiley: