Where is the City of Ebe?

Hey all, I’m playing a Dark Sun setting that borrows lore from the various iterations and there is one contradicting piece of lore I’m curious on. Ebe, the home city of Borys we know was swallowed by the sea of silt. In 4e they outright state that Ebe and Ur-Draxa are one and the same. However in the older lore I could swear I heard somewhere that Ebe was part of the silt archipelago and that Ur-Draxa was built where no city existed before. Can anyone confirm this?

I believe that there is some Information on that in the Prism Pentad novels of Troy Denning. Its already some time ago that I read them…

There’s an online supplement for the Silt Archipelago which shows High Ebe at the very bottom of the island chain where Euripis is located. Low Ebe is directly beneath it and swallowed by the silt sea (minus gibbets with undead executed dwarves) IIRC.

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Much appreciated, I did some digging for the silt archipelago and finally managed to find the supplement along with a few others on siltskimmer. If the site isn’t already linked to by Athas.org I feel it should be or at least deserves a shout out.

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In 4E, Ebe is the nation and Ur Draxa was the capital city of Ebe.

On the Timeline of Athas has this entry:
The great cities of Ebe, Waverly, and Arala were swallowed by the expanding Silt Sea, though later it receded from Waverly. The nearby city of Bodach was spared, but became surrounded by silt.

The “nearby city of Bodach” probably means nearby Waverly, but it could also mean that Ebe is near those 2 ruins as well.

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The “nearby city of Bodach” entry is about how Bodach is surrounded by “lakes” of silt, but is itself not under the silt.

I actually really like the 4e solution of making Ur Draxa Ebe. It makes sense. The sea of silt swallows Ebe, but Borys ultimately rebuilds the city using tithed resources from the sorcerer-monarchs, renaming it Ur Draxa, the city of the dragon.

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