Who and what are the Ukoven

Does anyone has any idea what the ukoven of uripis are? I heard some say they are the same as the ruvoka, is that right? Appreciate every anwser given

I think that’s right…where is that mentioned?

Its not, just mentioned in a discussion I’ve read somewhere

are they half-elementals, i.e., the result of elemental and human interbreeding?

For game terms, I was treating them like Genasi, with an explicitly eastern mediterranean culture. (Euripis is a very Greek name.)

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I think the only place you will see more than a paragraph was in a fan made “Silt Archipelago” (Broken Logic - Dark Sun)

I used the area for one of my groups awhile back.

I adapted the Ukoven to be Genasi cleric/psions with a Ukoven prestige class that tied them to the land similar to druids but gave them immortality, a bunch of genie type abilities (based on Efreet, Djinn, Marid, and Dao), summon elementals, etc.

The Genasi in general were farmers and scholars who were descendants of mortal/elemental unions, nearly sterile, who had no real desire to leave the area. They were very comfortable where they were and used divination and clairvoyance to see the outside world (and they didn’t like what they saw) and the elemental planes.

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I like the idea of them being Dark Sun’s version of Genasi.
Riffing off this post on DS jinn, I’m wondering how DS Genasi will be different from their forgotten realms counterparts.

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Just speculating off the cuff here, but I’d go with a standard “dark sun” template: the types available would match the main elements used by clerics here, would be a lot more cautious around outsiders (and hostile to defilers), they would have a shorter life span, and their connection to the elemental planes would be a bit narrower, perhaps only being able to go there when they die.

Otherwise, pretty much what @SeruZmaj said.

Unlike genasi, the ukoven lose their elemental powers if they are away from their island to long.

Throwing it out there, what if the ukoven are the dark sun equivalent to genasi, but with the athasian twist that they humanoids possessed by elemental spirits?

Long ago some tribe or community discovered the elemental springs of what is now euripis, and used it to give themselves an edge in a tough environment.
The pools infused them with lesser elemental spirits, creating a symbiotic relationship in which the humanoids gain the strength to survive and thrive their harsh world while the elementals gain a foot hold on athas.
Over many generations this relationship evolved, so now the ukoven cannot survive long without being infused with an elemental spirit.
Mechanically speaking, i think they should be similar to genasi, if slightly more powerful. The main difference will be that they can change their element depending on the spring the dip themselves into. also, the elemental spirit has its own will, so they are all basically suffer from a form of split personality.