Wild Talents Rules for 3.0/3.5 edition

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i need help. I will start a game with the 3.0/3.5 edition and have downloaded me all articles here and bought me the handbooks i need. so my question is;

normaly all player chars have a wild talent or not? ( in the 2.edition they have)

and if they have how they get it. must i take the table for psychic adept ( see ds rulebook from athas.org or are the players wilders? )

i need some advise about this

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In 3.5 the PCs don’t automatically get a wild talent. There is a feat that they can take for that, however. It is in the Dark Sun 3.5 handbook on athas.org.

I’ve ask the same thing ten days ago.
You can fin the Behind the Veil : Hidden Talents page 76 on the feat that replace wild power. This feat can be developped with feats from athas core rulebook.

I believe it was decided to do away with the free wild talent concept based on the structure of 3.5. It is left as an option, and DMs are free to require that the first level feat be spent on just that, if the players do not pick a psionic base class.

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thx alot for your info. who can read have a advantage:grinning:

someone have the original text from the expended psi handbook?

“The Hidden Talent feat (XPH 67) can replace the Wild Talent feat found in the same book, since Athas can be
considered a high‐psionic world, if the DM allows it.”

because this book is very rare and to expansive for bying.


I’ve found a version on the web here :

I don’t know if it right to show this link :s

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thx. thats what i looking for.good job.