WotC and possible Dark Sun setting

So Eberron did the first move and it seems that more worlds could follow suit.
Do we have any info about the world of Athas being brought to 5e? Have Tim Brown or Troy Denning revealed anything relevant, like future collaboration with the Wizards Team? Current rules for psionics do pose an issue for Dark Sun, as we still don’t have a solid system to work with; that may be inhibiting further design of the setting.

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I haven’t heard anything. Most likely they’ll come out with psionic rules before Dark Sun.

Edit: The next setting being introduced is Ravnica. Ravnica is a Magic: The Gathering setting that they’re porting over to D&D5. I’m a tad disappointed.
I like the rules for 5th edition, but the settings leave much to be desired. I’m not a fan of Forgotten Realms. I played a little Eberron, but high magic settings are not my favorite and it looks like it’s only available in pdf. Now, they’re releasing Ravinca, which sounds like the Coruscant of D&D.

Eberron should really usher in psionics.

I would have to agree with Rajaat in that core rules for Psionics will most likely be released prior to canon about Dark Sun.

Mike Mearls has been tweeting a lot about psionics in 5e and he seems to be getting them to a point that he’s happy with. I would expect a product next year on psionics, be it an DM’s Guild PDF or another Unearthed Arcana revision.

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Have you checked out Keith Baker’s dragonmarks articles? He goes into some detail on his vision of Eberron, stating it’s wide magic, not high magic. It’s very interesting. Plenty of low level magic, but the higher level stuff is still rare. The magewright and wand adept article’s great, as is the common magic items article. :beer::dash:

I agree. I’ve stopped trying to convert 2e darksun to 5e, and a large part of that is psionics. Also, I don’t have time for major conversions AND adventure design. Then their is the serious lack of athasian flavored minis…

For now (next few years) I’m going to focus on my second favorite setting, Eberron.

Thank for your insight. I like magic rare settings. Not knocking you though, you are free to like whatever you want. That’s what is great about D&D.

I’ll stick with 2nd ed for Dark Sun and I’ll home brew any 5th ed game I run.


For me, and the way they are handling 5th ed, Dark Sun is a risky step. They have to reproduce a complex psionic system that would add complexity to a game that tries to be simple. Like an entire new sub system. You have to adapt, change or ban classes, races, backgrounds, etc and create new ones. Templars, clerics, defilers, muls, crazy dwarves, they have to reconstruct almost everything.
What I see is that they are trying to stay in a safe zone.
Forgotten Realms: just any crazy thing could happens.
Ravenloft: “your heroes from the realms fall into a mist and are dragged to Ravenloft”
Eberron: 3rd era campaign setting says: if it exists in dnd it exists in Eberron.
They are trying to stay in places where everything generic could fit.
In those setting you can create a catfolk sorcerer with 2 monk levels, not in dark sun.

I’d love to see a new and shiny dark sun book. But I strongly believe that the best,FOR ME, is doing some fan made adaptations, pick up some stuffs from the internet and keep playing and having fun. I’m pretty sure that I’ll dislike many stuffs, I’ll say things like “I prefer this psionic system over the official” and so on.


That is a possibility. 4th edition basically changed DS to fit the generic 4th edition rules and I think it really took a lot of the feeling of the setting away.
I’d prefer WotC to not make DS, than to do a terrible job of adapting it.