Wouldn't it be time for a new Darksun open world game.!

Just for thought.

Who would be interested in a semi-open ( to start with) world Athasian video game ? And what would you like to see in that game.

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What do you mean, “Athasian video game”? Dark Sun is the Intellectual Property of WotC.

If you are talking about a video game the closest I could see a Dark Sun open world game coming is an Elder Scrolls game. More than likely Elder Scrolls: Hammerfell.

It would be cool to see the Tyr region in an open world setting, but that would be a major undertaking. In particular I’d enjoy seeing a living world were trade caravans go from city to city and monsters are actively roaming the desert. In particular Defilers would create a radius of death around them that could kill their companion characters if they arent careful. Everytime a major spell would be cast a black radius of death would transform that spot in the world permanently.

Honestly I could see Elder Scrolls being modded to be a pseudo Dark Sun game with all the things I’ve seen on the nexus. I’d love to learn to mod enough that that would become a reality. Does anyone have any familiarity with modding Elder Scrolls games?

I could see a Dark Sun open world game in a similar vein to Conan Exiles. It’s more about base-building, though, but you get the picture.

I’ve been waiting for one for a decade now. NWN mods were the closest I ever got. I hope WoTC steps it up and lets a developer make us a game. I’d pay triple price for one at this point…