Xerxes Campaign

Hello Friends

I’m currently running a mercenary campaign that has unfortunately gotten a little derailed.

The idea all the characters and their character tree is associated to a mercenary company. This company has found itself in the employ of a defiler based on Xerxes from the movie 300. He wears the gold chains and brushed gold makeup he’s a carbon copy save he’s human height at the moment. He’s on the cusp of defiler metamorphosis. he’s 847 years old maintained by fruit of longevity. the campaign is currently in the 193rd kings age the year of the mountains fury. In this game it was supposed to be multiple engagements and capturing various ancient ruins around Tyr to set a way to cut off the valley completely to trade seize the farro fields and eventually overwhelm the city with magical attacks. This was all supposed to happen after he had achieved first stage. He’s a defiler 20/psionicist 18 at the moment. One of my players decided to betray the company and gave away the plans and base locations as well and the location of Xerxes secret valley to an enemy who made sure the Tyrians found out. The last session was a massive battle where the Tyrian army sieged the valley. The player in questions character was killed as a traitor the Xerxes blew up his ziggurat to fake his death and went into hiding. The company was taken as prisoners of war and have been held in prison for the past 5 years. We’re starting up again where the group has finally been freed after Xerxes through agent bought their freedom. He has a few personal tasks he wants done including raiding a powerful Psurlon’s lair to grab a maguffin which will allow him to animate the head of the traitor PC at will so he can keep psionically torturing him for ruining his plans. He also wants the PCs to retrieve the skull of Farcluun from it’s final resting place near an oasis by Yaramuke. Of course disturbing the remains of such a powerful defiler will cause hilarity to ensue.

The area sees Sadira as the defacto sorceress queen of Tyr. Kalid-Ma is restored and rebuilding Kalidnay. Sielba has been released and walks the Land as the mysterious Porcelain Lady. Though she’s close to resettling Yaramuke. In my campaign Tectuktitlay was crushed but recovered from the damage. Abalach-Re faked her death to get out of facing Rajaat and Andropinis is still imprisoned in the Black but his shadow reaches the city to continue his rule though he’s much diminished for the next 650+ years or so.

Now to my issue beyond those little quests the campaign itself is a little derailed and I could really use some plot suggestions of where to have Xerxes and his mercenaries focus from here? The PC’s are 8th level characters


Well, it sounds like the PCs are still employed with Xerxes and he needs to rebuild his powerbase secretly.
Perhaps he’s looking for a new secret base, since his was compromised. He’ll need a new slaves, soldiers, and many macguffins to consolidate his power.
Perhaps this last betrayl has made Xerxes more paranoid and he insists on doing things in a more complicated way. He’ll be less willing to share his plans with anyone and he’ll mentally probe those close to him, especially before critical missions.
Maybe Xerxes is an unwilling and ignorant pawn of one of the SKs. They are ancient, even compared to Xerxes himself, and could be manipulating him behind the scenes to destabilize Tyr. Perhaps Rajaat himself is somehow reaching out fron the Hallow to destabilize the region, while he tries to escape.