Xlorepdarkhelm's advanced being rules and other lost fan works

And this? Redirecting...

This is a great thread that just popped up for me. I like the idea of a repository, so I’ve made one in my BWOA google account with a public share. Please add any content you want to share with the community there and we’ll keep it organized. I added all the Lynn Abbey notes that I have.

Dark Sun Public Shared Google Drive


Thanks a ton both Roberts! :sunglasses:


Here’s a corrected link of all my old stuff.

Its a sloppy mess.


Thanks. Is the Sorcerer, Paladin and other heretical stuff in there?

Pretty sure, just dumped it all there.

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As an update, the link to get there is:

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Bad gateway error?

I could host it for you, if you are interested, and depending on the size. I still have a couple of accounts with a fair amount of storage space left.