3.5 Sorcerer Monarch Stats Using Redking's Rules

Hello, fellow Dark Sun enthusiasts. Recently @redking has posted highly developed epic dark sun rules, originally based on the rules from Legends of Athas, here: Epic Athas 3.5 by redking (WIP), and further developed them with revised dragon transformation spells, here: Defiler Metamorphosis I and II. I have been using the rues that redking made to start developing the stats for several advanced beings following his guidelines, the first being a fully transformed dragon based on a character I Gm’d for in a plane-hopping dark sun 2e game, and the second being an attempt at stating one of the sorcerer monarchs.

I will be posting more advanced beings here as I develop them, and invite you all to comment on, or create some of your own. I have not seen a lot of comments about the incredible work redking has done, and I hope that I can spark conversation by showcasing how it works in practice.

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First one.
Amouranyx, The Queen of Black Sands

Female stage X athasian dragon defiler 5/psion (telepath) 5/athasian cerebremancer 10/mind mage 10/evolved paragon 20

LE Colossal dragon (advanced being, augmented humanoid, fire, psionic, shapechanger)

Init +10 Senses darkvision 60ft., low light vision., scent; Listen +60 Spot +60 (Blindsight 1250 ft.)

Languages All; polyglot, (Telepathy 1250 ft.)

AC 52, touch 12, flat-footed 42

(-8 size, +10 Dex, +40 natural)

hp 1820 (50 HD, 30d4+540 plus 20d10+360 plus 600, possesses maximum hit points +12 additional per hit die); fast healing 10; DR 15/magic

Immune fire, disease, poison, stunning, sleep, paralysis, death effects, disintegration, energy drain, ability drain, ability damage, polymorphing, petrification, or any other attack that alters her form.

Resist acid 20, cold 20, electricity 20; PR 61, SR 61

Vulnerable cold

Fort +45, Ref +37, Will +37

Speed 30ft. (6 squares), burrow 30 ft., fly 250 feet. (good)

Space 30 ft.; Reach 20 ft. (30 ft. with bite)

Melee bite +70 (4d8+28) and 2 claws +65 each (4d6+14) and tail +65 (4d6+42) and 2 wings +65 each (2d8+14)

Base Atk +50; Grp +94

Atk Options Breath Weapon, Compensation, Concussive Blast, Dragon Magic, Empower Power, Extended Dragon Metamagic, Far Reach, Force Touch, Frightful Presence, Harden Energy, Magical Reinforcement, Maximize Power, Metamixture (Unconditional Power), Metapotency (Empower Spell), Multispell, Painful Premonition, Power Attack, Quicken Power, Raze Feats (Agonizing Radius, Destructive Raze, Efficient Raze, Sickening Radius), Widen Power

Special Actions Epic Psionic Focus, Epic Psionic Meditation, Focus of Discipline, Focused Components, Hover, Psionic Components, Twin Wells Same Source

Combat Gear Crown of Unspun Dreams , _ ,

Psionic Enchantments Known (Require expenditure of both an epic spell slot and an epic power slot. CL 32. 50 for overcoming SR):

Amouranyx’s army of shadows, Amouranyx’s psionic awakening, extradimensional vault ( can call using correspond), impenetrable inertial barrier, mass quintessence, shadow true creation,

Epic Spells/Day 5; Epic Spells Known (CL 32. 50 for overcoming SR):

cone of coins (DC 40) , epic mage armor, momento mori (DC 50) , nailed to the sky (DC 40) , rain of fire, seeking sandstorm (DC 40), storm of icy death, soul dominion (DC 40) , superb dispelling

Wizard Spells Prepared (CL 32. 50 for overcoming SR): DC 30+spell level 4/9/9/8/8/8/8/7/7/7/4/3/3/3/3/2/2/2/2

18th— intensified widened meteor swarm (2) (DC 39)

17th— enhanced intensified quickened cone of cold (DC 35) , intensified quickened delayed blast fireball (DC 37)

16th— enhanced intensified chain lightning (DC 36) , quickened intensified chain lightning (DC 36)

15th— intensified energy drain, intensified meteor swarm (DC 39) ,

14th— enhanced quickened widened greater dispel magic, enhanced empowered widened horrid wilting (2) (DC 38) ,

13th— enhanced maximized delayed blast fireball (DC 37) , enhanced intensified vampiric touch, quickened empowered energy drain

12th— enhanced quickened greater dispel magic, quickened time stop, quickened wish,

11th— empowered maximized horrid wilting (DC 38) , maximized time stop, quickened maze,

10th— intensified enervation, quickened delayed blast fireball (DC 37) , quickened limited wish, enhanced maximized cone of cold (DC 35)

9th— disjunction, empowered horrid wilting (DC 38), energy drain, quickened greater dispel magic, time stop (2) , wish

8th— create greater undead, empowered delayed blast fireball (DC 37) , maze, mind blank, moment of prescience, polymorph any object, quickened feeblemind (DC 35)

7th— delayed blast fireball (DC 37) , finger of death (DC 37) , greater scrying (DC 37) , limited wish, quickened empowered fireball (DC 33) , quickened dimension door, vision

6th— empowered cone of cold (DC 35), greater dispel magic (2) , greater heroism, quickened lightning bolt (DC 33), quickened vampiric touch, mage’s lucubration, wall of iron

5th— cone of cold (DC 35) , dream, feeblemind (DC 35) , mind fog (DC 35) , persistent image (DC 35), quickened mirror image, quickened resist energy, wall of force

4th— empowered fireball (DC 33) , greater invisibility (2) , phantasmal killer (DC 34) , remove curse, scrying (DC 34) , solid fog, touch the black (DC 34)

3rd— blink, dispel magic, fireball (DC 33) , haste, protection from energy (2) , vampiric touch, slow (DC 33)

2nd— glitterdust (2)(DC 32), invisibility, locate object, mirror image (2) , resist energy (2), scorching ray

1st— alarm, identify (2) , magic missile (2) , ray of enfeeblement, shield (2) , unseen servant

0th— detect magic (2), read magic (2)

Epic Powers/Day 5; Epic Powers Known (ML 31. 50 for overcoming PR):

beast mastery (DC 38) , epic schism, order’s scry (DC 38) , psionic kinetic control

Power Points/Day 670; Psion Powers Known (ML 31. 50 for overcoming PR): DC 28+Power Level

9th— microcosm (DC 37) , psychic chirurgery, timeless body

8th— bend reality, psionic greater teleport, true metabolism

7th— decerebrate (DC 35) , incorporeality, insanity (DC 35) , mindflame (DC 35) , ultrablast (DC 35)

6th— mass cloud mind (DC 34) , psionic disintegrate (DC 34) , psionic contingency

5th— mind probe (DC 33) , psionic plane shift, psionic true seeing, psychic crush (DC 29)

4th— aura sight, correspond, hallucination (DC 32) , psionic divination, psionic dominate (DC 32) , psychic reformation

3rd— dispel psionics, hostile empathetic transfer (DC 31) , telekinetic force, telekinetic thrust (DC 31)

2nd— concussion blast, mass missive, energy stun (DC 30) , read thoughts (DC 30) ,

1st— mind thrust (DC 29) , offensive prescience, psionic charm (DC 29) , vigor

Abilities Str 66 (+28), Dex 30 (+10), Con 46 (+18), Int 46 (+18), Wis 30 (+10), Cha 34 (+12)

SQ ageless, assisted flight, change shape (small, medium, or large humanoid), elemental affinity (fire), meta-crafting, meta-mastery, perfectly focused, psionic reinforcement, self-sustaining,

Salient Feats Advanced Being Apotheosis, Advanced Being Exaltation, Advanced Being Prowess (caster and manifester level cannot exceed hit dice after benefit of feat), Advanced Being Skill Affinity (half level bonus to all skills), Advanced Being Spell Capacity, Bolster Mystical Reservoir (2)b, Floating Feats (not applied below, usually used for item creation feats), Mystical Reservoir (10,000 XP), Psi-Spell Artisan Rank 1, Psi-Spell Artisan Rank 2, Psi-Spell Artisan Rank 3, Recuperation

Epic Feats Arcane Memoryb, Dragon Metamagic, Enhance Spellb, Epic Crafter, Epic Manifesting, Epic Psionic Focusb, Epic Psionic Meditationb, Epic Skill Focus (Psicraft)b, Epic Skill Focus (Spellcraft), Epic Spellcasting, Extended Dragon Metamagic, Improved Spell Capacity (10th), Far Reach, Improved Metamagicb Intensify Spellb, Metamixture (Unconditional Power), Metapotency (Empower Spell/Power)b, Multispellb, Polyglotb, Psiotheurgy,

Feats Agonizing Radius, Concussive Blast, Craft Universal Itemb, Craft Wondrous Itemb, Destructive Raze, Dragon Magicb, Efficient Raze, Empower Powerb, Empower Spellb, Eschew Materialsb, Harden Energy, Hoverb, Maximize Powerb, Maximize Spell, Power Attack, Psionic Meditationb, Quicken Spellb, Quicken Powerb, Scribe Scrollb, Sickening Radius, Unconditional Power, Widen Spellb, Widen Powerb,

Skills Autohypnosis 53(+90), Bluff 25(+64), Craft (2 at 12 ranks +55 each), Concentration 53(+98), Diplomacy 25(+64), Intimidate 25(+62), Knowledge [Arcana 53(+98), History 53(+96), Local 20(+63), Psionics 53(+98), Psiotheurgy 53(no check), Religion 20(+63), The Planes 25(+68)], Listen 25(+60), Perform (dance) 12(+45), Profession (artist) 12(+45), Psicraft 53(+108), Search 25(+60), Sense Motive 25(+60), Sleight of hand 9(+42), Spellcraft 53(+108, +161 for casting psionic enchantments), Spot 25(+60), Use Magic Device 5(+42), Use Psionic Device 5(+42)

Advanced Being Skill Affinity makes all skills class skills and gives a +25 Advanced Being bonus to all skills. Combined with psychic reformation to rearrange skill points as desired.

Possessions combat gear plus _,

Spellbook spells prepared plus all common or uncommon spells known to the Tyr Region of Athas and the Sword Coast Region of Toril (generally not rare or unique ones, however).

Breath Weapon (Su) As a standard action, Amouranyx can breathe a 70 foot cone of searing sand. Each creature in the cone must make a Reflex save (DC 53) or take 25d12 points of damage (half fire, half piercing). A successful save reduces the damage by half. Once she has used her breath weapon, she cannot use it again for 1d4 rounds.

Metamorphoses Dragon 1-X. In addition, modifications to the metamorphosis process made with the aid of Kaishgara in Yaramuke, the Crown of Unspun Dreams, and Rajaat’s research at Troll Grave Chasm, have given her the following additional abilities from her metamorphosis: cerebral expansion 1-V, telepathic awareness (Called Telepathy and Blindsight under revised seed) .

Amouranyx’s Psionic Awakening

Transmutation (psionic enchantment)

Spellcraft DC: 28

Components: V, S

Casting Time: 1 standard action

Target: Creature touched

Duration: Instantaneous

Saving Throw: Fortitude negates (harmless)

Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)

To Develop: Psi-Spell Artisan Rank 3 costing: 140,000 Gp, 3 days, 5,600 XP. Seed: metamorphosis (DC 28). Factors: Ageless (+10 DC). Self-sustaining (+10 DC). Grant limited telepathy (ad-hoc +28 DC). Apply Phrenic template to non-psionic being (+110 DC). 1-action casting time (+20 DC). Mitigating factors: Lifebender 3 (-60 DC). Psionic enchantment via expenditure of epic power slot (-19 DC). 100d6 backlash damage (-100 DC).

This spell can only be cast on creatures without the psionic subtype. Once cast, the target experiences a physical and mental change, awakening potent psionic powers. The target gains the benefits of the Phrenic template (Expanded Psionics Handbook).

Additionally, once this spell is cast, the target becomes ageless and has no need to eat, drink, breathe, or sleep. They no longer takes penalties to ability scores for aging and cannot be magically aged. Any such penalties that the creature has already taken, however, remain in place. Bonuses still accrue, though they no longer die of old age.

Finally, the target also gains telepathy out to 120 feet. When communicating with the caster of the spell or other creatures awakened through it, the telepathy range is extended to 1 mile due to the shared psionic resonance.

The casting of this spell deals the caster 100d6 points of damage which can be healed normally. Like other metamorphosis spells, once it is cast, it is wiped from the casters mind and must be rebuilt from scratch. Provided the caster still has the notes, equipment, and assistants used to create the spell the first time, this process only takes half the time and cost (both gold and XP) of the initial spell creation (though never less than half, regardless of how many times a spell has been developed).


And for a cannon sorcerer queen.

Female stage 3 athasian dragon defiler 8/psion (egoist) 5/true cerebremancer 14/thrallherd 10/evolved paragon 7

CE large dragon (advanced being, augmented humanoid, psionic, shapechanger)

Init +10 Senses darkvision 60ft., low light vision., scent; Listen +40 Spot +40

Languages All; polyglot,

AC 21 (-1 size, +10 dex, +2 natural), touch 19, flat-footed 11

hp 659 (44 HD, 37d4+444 plus 7d10+84); fast healing 5; DR 15/magic

Immune disease, poison, stunning

Fort +36, Ref +34, Will +33

Speed 30 ft.

Space 10 ft.; Reach 10 ft.

Melee Spear +57/+52/+47/+42 (1d6+14)

Base Atk +44; Grp +66

Atk Options Dragon Magic, Empower Power, Extend Power, Exception Beckons, Genocidal Focus, Improved Augment Summoning, Maximize Power, Metapotency(empower spell/power), Quicken Power, Raze Feats (Controlled Raze, Distant Raze), Soma Summons

Special Actions Focused Components, Psionic Meditation,

Combat Gear

Psionic Enchantments Known (Require expenditure of both an epic spell slot and an epic power slot) (CL 44):

extradimensional vault ( can call using correspond), impenetrable inertial barrier, indelible psionic signature, mass quintessence,

Epic Spells/Day 4; Epic Spells Known (CL 44):

crown of vermin (DC 40) , epic mage armor, mass frog, nailed to the sky (DC 40) , storm of icy death, soul dominion (DC 37) , superb dispelling, verdigris (DC 40)

Wizard Spells Prepared (CL 44): DC 27+spell level; DC 30+spell level for conjuration spells


17th— empowered maximized quickened greater shout (DC 35), extended maximized quickened summon monster 1X

16th— empowered extended maximized quickened acid fog, maximized quickened time stop

15th— empowered maximized quickened groundflame (DC 36) , empowered quickened summon monster 1X

14th— empowered quickened incendiary cloud, empowered quickened horrid wilting

13th— empowered quickened delayed blast fireball (DC 34) , quickened power word kill, quickened time stop,

12th— maximized summon monster 1X, quickened maze, quickened summon natures ally V111(animals only)

11th— empowered maximized chain lightning (DC 33) , empowered summon monster 1X, maximized polar ray

10th— empowered horrid wilting (DC 35) , extended summon elemental monolith, quickened greater dispel magic

9th— gate, shambler, summon monster 1X, time stop (2) , wail of the banshee (DC 36), wish

8th— control plants (DC 35) , mind blank, polymorph any object (DC 35), prismatic wall (DC 35) , quickened solid fog, summon nature’s ally V111 (animals only), sunburst (DC 35)

7th— animate plants, control weather, delayed blast fireball (DC 34) , finger of death (DC 34) , greater scrying (DC 34), project image (DC 34) , quickened haste,

6th— acid fog, antilife shell, greater dispel magic (2) , groundflame (DC 36), summon monster V1, true seeing,

5th— animal growth, baleful polymorph, cloudkill (DC 35) , commune with nature, major creation, mind fog, quietstorm, wall of thorns

4th— black tentacles, command plants (DC 31), greater invisibility, solid fog, summon nature’s ally 1V (animals only), scrying (DC 31) touch the black (DC 31), wall of ice,

3rd— dispel magic, dominate animal (DC 30) , lightning bolt (DC 30), plant growth, protection from energy (2) , slow (DC 30) , stinking cloud (DC 33)

2nd— barkskin, glitterdust (DC 32), mirror image (2) , pyrotechnics (DC 29) , see invisibility, scorching ray, web (DC 32)

1st— alarm, cooling canopy, entangle (2)(DC 28) , identify, magic missile (2) , shield, speak with animals

0th— detect magic (2), read magic (2)

Epic Powers/Day 4; Epic Powers Known (ML 44):

beast mastery (DC 37) , epic schism, psionic kinetic control

Power Points/Day 513; Psion Powers Known (ML 44) DC 27+Power Level

9th— affinity field (DC 36) , assimilate (DC 36) , greater metamorphosis

8th— bend reality, fusion, psionic greater teleport, true metabolism

7th— energy conversion, fission, ultrablast (DC 34)

6th— aura alteration, psionic disintegrate (DC 33) , psionic restoration, psychometry

5th— ethereal agent, psionic revivify, restore extremity

4th— aura sight, correspond, metamorphosis, psionic divination, psionic dominate (DC 31) ,

3rd— dispel psionics, ectoplasmic form, hustle, psionic blink, telekinetic force,

2nd— concentrate water, concussion blast, detect life, empathetic transfer, energy stun (DC 29) , read thoughts (DC 29) ,

1st— control flames (DC 28) , defensive precognition, detect psionics, mindlink, psionic charm (DC 28) , psychic tracking, vigor

Abilities Str 38 (+14), Dex 30 (+10), Con 34 (+12), Int 44 (+17), Wis 28 (+9), Cha 40 (+15)

SQ ageless, change shape (small, medium, or large humanoid), elemental energy vortex, meta-crafting, meta-mastery, perfectly focused, self-sustaining, twofold master

Salient Feats Advanced Being Apotheosis, Advanced Being Exaltation, Advanced Being Skill Affinity, Advanced Being Spell Capacity, Essence Integration, Floating Feats (Domain Magic (2), Controlled Raze, Distant Raze) Mystical Reservoir (6,600 XP), Recuperation, Soma Summons

Epic Feats Arcane Memoryb, Domain Magic (Animal, Plant)b, Epic Manifesting, Epic Practiced Manifester, Epic Practiced Spellcaster, Epic Spell Focus (conjuration), Epic Spellcasting, Epic Thrallherdb, Exceptional Beckonsb, Improved Augment Summoningb, Improved Spell Capacity (10th), Legendary Thrallherd, Metapotency (Empower Spell), Polyglotb, Psiotheurgy

Feats Controlled Razeb, Craft Universal Itemb, Craft Wondrous Itemb, Distant Razeb, Dragon Magicb, Empower Powerb, Empower Spell, Eschew Materialsb, Expanded Knowledge ( mindlink, read thoughts) b, Extend Powerb, Extend Spell, Greater Spell Focus (conjuration), Maximize Powerb , Maximize Spellb, Metamorphic Transfer, Pacticed Manifesterb, Practiced Spellcaster, Psionic Meditation, Quicken Powerb, Quicken Spellb, Scribe Scrollb, Spell Focus (conjuration),

Skills Autohypnosis 20(+52), Bluff 47(+86), Concentration 20(+54), Diplomacy 47(+86), Intimidate 20(+59), Knowledge [Arcana 47(+86), History 20(+59), Nature 20(+59), Psionics 47(+86), Psiotheurgy 47(no check), Religion 20(+59), The Planes 20(+59)], Listen 10(+40), Perform (dance) 5(+37), Psicraft 47(+86), Search 10 (+40), Sense Motive 47(+80), Spellcraft 47(+86, +133 for casting psionic enchantments), Spot 10(+40),

Advanced Being Skill Affinity makes all skills class skills and gives a +22 Advanced Being bonus to all skills.

Possessions combat gear plus _,

Spellbook spells prepared plus all

Metamorphoses Anoint the Champion. Dragon 2-3, gained Arcane Memory as a bonus feat

Epic Thrallherd Benefits with Feats. Score=70

40,000 1st

4,000 2nd

2,000 3rd

1,000 4th

500 5th

250 6th

130 7th

70 8th

40 9th

20 10th

10 11th

Thralls = levels 40 and 38

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