Belgoi of Athas

Hallo dear Athasians,
a long time ago, when I wrote a background story for each race that I could find on Athas, or almost every race, I also felt the desire to create an accessory. I picked the Belgoi, because of Broms artwork.
It’s far from perfect and I need to work on the layout more, it’s still a mess.
Maybe someone feels like reading it and if you find mistakes, grammar or spelling errors, or if you know other Belgoi or want to contribute some, let me know, it’s much appreciated.

Oh and here are some Belgoi token for your online game.

May your waterskin never run dry.



Just read this and I am very impressed. I have a number of Belgoi minis but sadly only enough for a hunting party, which could represent several waves of attacks I suppose. It always helps flesh charecters and their opponents out so much appreciated.

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Thank you :blush:. I want to write a Accessory about every race on Athas, that lacks an origin story.

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Join us at the pristine tower group! We have a book in the works in the style of Scale, Tail and Claw intended to cover those races, and Belgoi are definitely high on the list!

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If you need my support, I will try to be of use.

While I have a different approach to Athas that will contradict canon, there will be more then enough overlaps.

What are you on right now and how may I contribute?

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Ok, I was not aware of your Scale, Tail and Claw Accessory, that is far beyond anything I could ever do. Amazing artwork, a lof of details (love the different Pterran tribe rider headdesigns) and sooo much information. I look forward to read it.

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Thank you, ST&C was a labor of love by all of us. We’re on the pristine tower development group discord. @neujack usually handle invitations if I’m not mistaken.

As for different approach, that’s not a problem so long as you can work as part of a team and accept we are restricted by existing canon, though we managed to do some wild things within the bounds of those rails.


Sure, I am used to work in teams and can stick to the canon when working with you. Parallel, I can write the non canon which won’t be associated with the group. It will motivate me to work with people who still love the setting.:blush:

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When I have some time I’m definitely going to give this a read. Belgoi have always been one of my favorite DS specific creatures.I’m not completely sure why, there’s just sometimes about them. I even did a write up for Half-Belgoi back in the 90s, but unfortunately that’s long gone. BTW, the layout looks great.

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Hey Robyn, many thanks.
If you find the Half-Belgoi write up, I would be happy to read it.
Most races should be compatible, as almost all have Halfling origin.
I will clean up the Template and upload it, so others can use it.

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