Converting Dark Sun Adventures to 5e

So like many of you I started Dark Sun in the early 90’s and immediately became fascinated with the world. I have been itching to re-run the adventures in the updated 5e rules.
Does anyone else feel the same?

Yes, I was just thinking how my last 2 adventures were not based on any of the old adventures at all. I did run a 5e game and when I needed monsters I mostly just made them up on the fly based on their 2e stats with 5e design modifications.

I’m running Dark Sun in 5e since the first playtest, so 3 years now. I converted in part Forest Maker, it’s super easy.

What I like in 5E is everything is easy to convert or create.

Could you please share with us so we can see what you have done?

I’ve used the following document with great success for 2e->5e conversions, but if you want an entire adventure converted, you may be looking at sitting down to do it yourself:


Here is the original post:

you may be looking at sitting down to do it yourself:

Particularly as there tend to be various rights issues at play that would generally prevent third parties from republishing conversions, even without reproducing the adventure text

How so? You mean just from using trademarked character and monster names?

Hello, new user here. I registered to the forum just because this post. And I’m wondering the same: one cannot share 5e conversions? Such a bummer… I guess that is the reason I cannot find a conversion for Freedom (never played the original Dark Sun, as I discovered the setting with 4e, but ever since I’ve wanted to either play or run Freedom…)

The only DS group I have been consistently playing with insists on using 2e. I’ve got a 5e group, but we’re playing occasionally, and it’s always homebrew adventures. So I haven’t got any official adventures converted.

On the other hand, I feel those modules are too dry for my taste. And I don’t fancy this metaplot, so I can’t be arsed converting them.

I have a partial 4e conversion of Freedom here:

It’s not polished at all, and not done either, but it’s something…

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Thanks! Is better than start from scratch.

Neither I do like metaplot (my main problem with other settings, such as FR). But I feel Freedom is an iconic adventure I want to run/play at least once.

Freedom is quite good IMO, save for the problems listed here: TSR Adventure Freedom Incomplete?