Dark Sun 3.5e version 8 update release!

Hello everyone!

After several years of work and contributions by members of athas.org, the Pristine Tower Dev Group, and others in the community, we are pleased to announce the version 8 updated release of the DS3 core rules!
This latest version has the following changes:

  • updated easier to read layout

  • new organisational system with clickable table of contents links, and a more thorough index.

  • separate Player and DM Sections, and separate chapters for the timeline and inner planes respectively

  • new prologue discussing how to handle sensitive game topics with new generations of players

  • countless small refinements and expanded explanations/illustrations of rules and lore.

fully illustrated pages full of great art created by the Dark Sun community over the past 20 years

This is just the latest book in our greater plan for books to help the community have better games and grow our numbers.

Dark Sun 3.5 v8 https://athas.org/news/e0be13ff-3207-4689-a35a-c468a7b2c408


Great to see an update.


What can I say but thank you all for your work.


Nice to see this finally released years after I finished it and turned it in.

That was back in 2017.

I inevitably think of all the things I would do differently now that I have years more editing experience, were I to start this project today. That was my first large project. Very nostalgic. =D

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Thank you!

Will be integrating these changes into my Neverwinter Nights project.