Dark Sun 5e conversion

This is an attempt at a personal conversion to 5e that I will be beta testing this is the rough draft and I know some errors need fixed With alot of information used by Gabriel Zenam Wach who did an amazing job on his conversion I used homebrw natural crit Markdown software to make a 5th edition looking styled version of updated Dark Sun. This is not spam if someone doesnt like it say so or if I placed in the wrong area also please let me know I am new to the forum thing

Thank you



Wow! A lot of work put into this. I’ve been slowly doing my own conversion, but with this, I can put that project away and start focusing on my campaign creation. Thank you so much for all the work you put into this and sharing it with the community!

With alot of information used by Gabriel Zenam Wach
I have used Naturlcrit with markdown to make a 5edition looking conversion update for Dark Sun Im not sure why this was flagged as spam

How can I download the file? On my browser that link displays a book with text bleeding off the pages margins, and clicking “Get PDF” prompts my PDF printer, also printing a problematic document. Can you please help?

I’m not sure when everyone else clicks it comes up fine I looked at it on my phone my lap top and my tablet and each time it has come up correct are you using Google Chrome cause that’s what I’m using

No… does it need Chrome to use?

Wouldn’t it be more useful if anyone could use it, without need to install additional software?

Just wanted to mention either I’m very wrong or it only works with Chrome. Managed to try on Firefox, Edge, Explorer, Android Browser, Firefox for Android… On Edge it almost nails it but some pages’s content bleed off, IE does display right but can’t download. On Android there’s no way to download on the Android Browser, it displays HTML that can be saved but that’s pretty useless…

Well I’m sorry it’s not working for you

In your document the templar-class is missing. Under the heading “Templar” the wizard-class is explained a second time. Can you please fix this?
Thank you for sharing your conversion!

awesome job. I have almost every Box set of DS 2AD&D and now I want to i introduce D&D to my 9yrsold daugther and some of her friends.
I have a lot read PH and DMG for 5th ed before reading your guide but it will be worth it

Thanks for sharing. I’m thinking about dark elves in Athas as a failed experiment from Rajaat that survived underground but have emerged since the big earthquakes

I’ll present my version here (hopefully)

I had been working for some quiet time too on an attempt to reconstruct the 2e world with the simplicity and mechanics of 5e. I’ve posted some samples on r/DarkSun, and might post them on this forum as well. Feel free to check them; any feedback is also much appreciated.

Is this project still on going?
I love the work so far, but it should be noted that some of your images have failed.

Thanks for the heads up! I’ve updated the images and fixed some formatting errors that occurred. Make sure to use Chrome, since Homebrewery might have issues with other browsers.

It seems you’re hosting images in photobucket? I recommend to change the hosting site, as those images cannot be seem if you don’t pay for that.

it looks like you did a lot of work but the Headlines are not shown correctly. do I have to download a font first?

EDIT: with Chrome its strangly working…

That is because Homebrewery was design to work with chrome. If you use other explorers, you will have some errors. I do not like Homebrewery because of that.

Homebrewery is not working in Chrome for me. “Get PDF” brings up a printer window that does not work. Also, many of the photos are missing from the document.

First visit to this place, very excited to find some 5th Ed data for what has always been my favourite AD&D setting: Athas.

Anyhow, quick reply to help out some previous visitors re: Homebrewery and saving/downloading. Using Chrome certainly IS best. And yes, when you click the “Get PDF” option, a new browser window open and a prompt shows up to print the document. HOWEVER, if you look at this Print prompt, you can change the destination… Initially, it shows up as (whatever you have for a printer). Click on this Destination -> choose Save as PDF.

Voila, problem solved: you can now save as a PDF file.

Very cool piece of work - two things I’d like to ask about.

Primarily, I’m curious what happened to the Templar class? It seems to be missing.

Also, do you have any plans to continue this project to fill in things like dragons/avangions, etc.

Fantastic work! Is this project still ongoing? I noticed the Templar section still has wizard content, some typos around, etc. I’m using this material in my 5e campaign and i’d be happy to help polish it if it’s still an open project.