Darksun miniatures

Hello Athasian folk of all descriptions. I am new to the site but not to Athas, being a player from the dim dark days of second ed. Its great to see there are still people playing in this most interesting of dnd settings.

I was wondering what you good folk use for miniatures in your games. I have a couple of the original Dragon Kings, around twenty gith, several crodlu chariots, and a couple of the original characters but otherwise very little, other than what I have converted.

I have looked longingly at Gloomy Kids miniatures but am having difficulty contacting him to get stl’s of his beautiful Athasian miniatures. I would like to get them all including the Mekilot pulling the war cart. Do any of you have experience with these miniatures? If so could you let me know what you think.

Also I know there were not many miniatures released in second edition but I suspect there were quite a few more in fifth edition but cannot find many available other than at outrageous prices. Any tips on finding or converting minis would be appreciated.


Gloomy Kid is not reachable because he had to leave Russia to escape the mobilization and had to leave all his equipment behind.
It might be possible to contact him via Discord but at the last news he is not able to provide any material until further notice.
These are very good miniatures but we will certainly have to wait for things to change in this part of Europe before having access to them again.
It is indeed difficult to find miniatures for the Dark Sun setting. I’ve personally created quite a few miniatures on Hero Forge for PCs and NPCs, it’s time consuming but you get good results (except for the Pterrans, one of my players plays a Pterran gladiatrix and I’m having a hard time finding a miniature for her, the closest I’ve been able to find online are the Pterafolk miniatures from the “Tomb of Annihilation” game (but unfortunately they have wings and would need a conversion) or the T’Skrang from Earthdawn).
I found a kirre stl that gave me full satisfaction on Printables.
For the rest, I’m making do with what I can and a lot of conversions.


I also use Earthdawn T-skrang, for Pterrans. I have a plethora of miniatures that are not Dark Sun specific. Any mini without obvious plate, or chain armor, can be painted to look like an Athasian character. The elves are a bit short though.
Here’s a link to some Athasian elves I designed for 3d printing.


Thanks for the heads up re Gloomy Kid, much appreciated. It looks like its back to converting and cherry picking from other ranges to expand the Darksun minis. More time consuming but still enjoyable.


Hi Gritkalactechikak!
and welcome here to discuss everything about Dark Sun.
I use a lot of miniatures for my RPG campaign and for a miniature game set in Athas.
From GW to Gloomykid and a lot of others like Ralpartha, confrontation and so on.
You’ll find more descriptions here on my website :

Ruins of… - Time to play in the Dark Sun world


Hey Dot I just had a quick look at your website and wow someones been busy. Incredible stuff which will defineately take some careful perusing to appreciate fully.

Thank you for this excellent resource. Oh great paint jobs too, very evocotive of life under a Darksun.

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Hey Dotemalpayne you have some quite inspiring stuff on your website and you know I never considered the Warcry minis for Darksun but they can quite easily be adapted.

I only worry about the scale as much of GW’s new ranges are 32 mm instead of 28mm. Also the old dnd miniatutes I have for darksun are actually only 20mm as that was the scale used in 2nd ed. 3rd ed went to 28mm miniatures. I might keep looking but you have certainly shown me stuff to consider, so thanks man.

Ciao ciao

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Hi Gritkalactechikak, and thank you for your feedback, I’m glad it could inspire you for your campaign.

Regarding the scale of GW’s minis, yes, they are aroud 28mm but that’s fine for the boss for example, much more impressive, or for some champions.

And, I have found some minis you can use at myminifactory :

a wood elf that can easily modified and a woman that can be a templar. You can find o lot a minis on this website but the shipping cost is based on the different sellers, so that stopped me…

3D Printable Wood elf swordsman 3 32mm pre-supported by White Werewolf Tavern (myminifactory.com)

3D Printable Shaman Girl by belksasar 3dprint (myminifactory.com)

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Wow very thematic miniature.

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Well I had a look at Reaper under barbarian and found at least 40 miniatures that could be used with only minor convertions (mostly head and weapon swaps). So your right there are loads that can be used.

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