Famous Athasian Last Words

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A Player and I were digging through a box of old RPG stuff when we came across a pile of old DS character sheets. We couldn’t help but laugh at some of the ways they had died. So, I figured it was time to open a thread on Famous Athasian Last Words again. If you have some brilliant and not-so-brilliant last words from Athasian characters or GM/Player conversations, please share them with the community. I’ll gather them into a document and post them on Athas Online. All contributors will be credited.

Player: "The elven raiders are shooting at us? I take cover under the mekillot. How much bonus do I get to AC?"
GM (evil grin): “Total cover.”

PC: "Bezrak, someone’s smuggling Shaqat beetles on your caravan."
Bezrak: “Let’s talk about this in my quarters. Stug, come with us”

A PC looks through the keyhole on the door to the meeting chamber when someone taps his shoulder.
NPC: "What are you doing?"
PC: "Shhh. Go away. Hamanu ordered me to watch the meeting chamber."
NPC: "Funny, I can’t remember giving that order."
PC: “… Oh, ****”

PC: "Are you threatening me? Just wait until I tell the templars about your little underground organization. You’re SO dead."
PC #2: "WE’re so dead."
GM: /nods

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“Hey, just how many tembo are in here, anyway?”

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“We’re only going on a three day trip we only need three days worth of water…”

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“You ain’t gonna drink the last of that, are you.” This was said from one player to another and not in the form of a question. Player in-fighting. Good to the last drop with the 2e madness rules.

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PC- Look a caravan we are saved!
PC#2- Are you sure thats a caravan?
PC- Of course I’m sure, just look at it, and besides if its the raiders we’re looking for we can kill em all before they blink
PC#2- I just hope its a caravan

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(Urik templars are over-correct due to all those Hamanu´s codes.)

Zorik, the Half-Giant (PC): I was now waiting for an hour in the queue. Sir, i need this information. How much does it cost?
The Templar: It costs 5 bit and you can have it by tomorrow morning.
Zorik: Fine. Here you have 10 bit. I surely do not have to wait again tomorrow…
Templar: Corruption! Guards!

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  1. “Hey, bug boy!”

  2. “Don’t worry, he’s not armed.”

  3. “I didn’t think there were tigers on Athas.”

  4. The universal one: “You go this way, I’ll go that way, and we’ll meet back RIGHT HERE.”

  5. “Why is that gith wearing metal armor?”


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“Oh boy, am I hungry. Luck! A halfling camp! Maybe they invite us for dinner…”

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Elf thief to a thri-kreen: “Hey, bug-face! I’m talkin’ to you.
That’s right, you. Move outta my way!”

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What a nice, wellcrafted, moving statue that is … what the F* a moving statue? (Half-Giant)

**What is that metal dagger lying around here???

**To a transparent ghost … Hihi you can’t touch me!!

**(To a Urikite Templar) Do you have the same outfit within the Inner city as they have in Nibenay, cuz that should be a laugh!!

** I know that plant, it doesn’t contain poison

**I haven’t seen that bird around here, it seems rather big and ugly
To Dm: How high is it flying??
DM: about 1500feet
(Obviously this was Borys passing by, actually nothing happened but could have been nice famous words)

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“Der kommer nok en gith gitt.”

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The PCs arrive at the Nibenay South gates…

GM: There are many different species, etc. etc. as well as a couple of cute clothed, half-naked or naked ladies talking among the crowd.

PC: Geez man, I try an “attraction power on the naked one”.

GM: You see two half-giants coming your way…

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“Der kommer nok en gith gitt.”

(Hehe. Minner om en situasjon hvor karakterene kom over en enslig gith ved et leirbål som satt og stekte en øgle på pinne.)

Translation: “A gith comes along.”

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PC "Wow, I had never seen a cloud ray before. It doesn’t seem that large. I hope it hasn’t noticed me"
DM (me) “That’s because it’s rather far away. But don’t worry, you’re about to get a close-up view”

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Gladiator PC: “I am undefeated.”

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Quotes from an old game that lead to character demises:

“I charge up the dune.”

“I think we can trust them.”

After being attacked by an elven raiding tribe: “Stop firing, we surrender!”

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Half-giant PC, in the tunnels leading to Kragmorta at the lava flow cutting the path

“It’s only 25ft wide, I can jump that.”

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So you guys are just going to take my water and leave me here paralyzed? No wait, that wasn’t a suggestion!

Jebus, even the damn cacti try to kill you in this world!

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It’s word play, the point would be lost if translated.

Btw, here’s another one:

NPC Dwarf: "If you strike me down I will haunt you for eternity!!"
PC: “He’s bluffing! Kill him!”

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PC: "Blue Shrine? What kind of nutcase would live out here in the middle of nowhere on the edge of the map?"
GM (Jon):