More missing monsters

Here is a list of monsters and critters found in 2e products that do not have stats. (Rajaat99 should appreciate this.)

These are also, to my knowledge, not found in other 2e products or other versions of the game, and are mentioned only by name within the Dark Sun universe. The majority of these are mentioned briefly and may not be of any major significance and therefore did not require stats. But your game may vary.

Beetle, Fortress. - Revised Dark Sun Campaign Setting
Cyclopskin - Ivory Triangle
Eelar - Black Spine
Giant, Hawk - Road to Urik
Hegbo - Veiled Alliance, Ivory Triangle
K’cin Crawler - revised Dark Sun Campaign Setting
Kitsu - Slave Tribes
Kvale, Green - Ivory Triangle
Kvale, Red - Ivory Triangle
Kwilits - Revised Dark Sun Campaign Setting
Nox - Black Spine
Rhoss - Ivory Triangle
Touraco - Asticlian Gambit
Z’ock’n - Thri kreen of Athas

Have fun statting…


Cyclops-kin were found in the Monstrous Manual under Giant, Cyclops, page 133. Stats for a giant eagle (probably equal to a giant hawk) can be found under the bird entry in the same book, page 28. I was looking for the Wixit, mentioned in the Wanderer’s Journal in the Revised Boxed set when I stumbled on this.


That makes sense for the Cyclopskin. I didn’t check the MM. however the giant, hawk is presented as a Hawk Giant. A type of giant as opposed to a type of hawk. I assume it may just be another beast head giant but with a hawk head instead of a different beast similar to the goat beast head giants.

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Ah. Totally missed the comma. Totally a beasthead though. I did look through the MM and Lomion to see if any others were on the list. Didn’t find any more.

The fortress beetle is interesting, as Dragon Kings names partial stats. Originally a 3 HD creature named the giant rezhatta beetle. Then it gives speed as “what it had in life” - the battlesystem stats list that as 9. It then states: as an animated creature, the beetle can still attack with its mandibles, THAC0 11, causing 1d12 +6 points of damage. It has AC 3 and can take 50 points of damage. THAC0 11 seems a little too good if it were only a 3 HD creature, but it looks like they were referencing something that never got printed.

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When I put fortress beetle on the list I thought maybe it was initially referring to the undead war beetle. But I couldn’t find any other references to a specific creature called a fortress beetle, even in Dragon Kings.
It sounds like a different creature and is not undead.

Fortress beetles grow to a length of 25 feet, carrying sturdy, 15-foot-tall protective shells atop their backs. Much of the upper portion of these shells is hollow, with intricate and beautiful chambers formed during the growing process. Ssurran usethese docile insects as beasts of burden, filling their hollow shells with their most precious trade goods.


Here are a few more to add to the above list all of which are from the revised Dark Sun Campaign Setting

Wixit rev ds cs
Purple scorpion rev ds cs
Sting-wing rev ds cs
New Beast rev ds cs

Plus all the undead types of the fallen races. Though I think many of these were statted for 3.5. Nothing too new or unique here.

And the huge unnamed undead creature that resides beneath the undead obsidian city that will destroy it if unleashed.

I always thought that was an undead tarrasque under the Obsidian Plain. :wink:

Thank you. I do appreciate it and will get started as soon as I can.

edit: Hawk Giants are a type of beasthead giant, but not one of the types listed in the revised campaign setting book. Weird, but I don’t think they need their own listing.

Also, I already made the kitsu.

Here ya go, the purple scorpion.

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Anyone know what the critters from the revised art are:

Also, do you count creatures from the novels?

In the Verdant Passage there were some harmless little web-spinning reptiles in the silo Sadira got tossed into. They were described as having compound eyes and front legs but no back legs. Not sure if they were given a name in some later product, but if so, I’d never heard it.


@Tari-Templar there’s been some discussion on the Dark Sun Facebook group about this. I believe the name sand krait came up for the beast being ridden. @raddu was there any other detail I’m missing? My personal take is that the one dude is wearing a chef hat.


I always assumed the hat was just one of those fancy hats like the old DiTerlizzi Mind Flayer:

Or Jafar:
Although I always wondered what creature was wearing it. There’s no regular ‘lizardmen’ in the setting. So, Ssuranns? Or is that covering the crest of a Pterran?

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Pterrans was the consensus. If you’re on FB join and search “sand krait” and you’ll get the proper thread.

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I usually find Facebook annoying to navigate and avoid it on general principles. But maybe I’ll make an exception in this case. :wink:

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I’d drop it if I wasn’t running play by posts on it.

I always thought that those serpent creatures from the revised edition cover were the Slimahaccs of the ToA, though they are green instead of reddish brown like in the picture…

Rearing up before you, shedding rivers of sand from its green-scaled hide, is an extremely long serpentine creature with a bony maw and long, hollow, horn-like protrusions sweeping back and outward from the top of its scalp.
Slimahaccs are a sinuous species of reptile with
uncertain heritage. They are also sometimes known as
sand drakes, but it is unknown if they are truly related to drakes or are instead some sort of native reptilian or worm offshoot. They roam the deserts, using stealth and
speed to overrun and devour their prey.
Pterrans sometimes domesticate slimahaccs as riding animals or beasts of burden. While the riding position directly behind their head
ToA pg206


@ouroboros Yeah, that point was brought up in the Dark Sun in the same discussion. It’s @raddu 's group and tends to be a bit better than the Sages of Dark Sun one. It seems there’s been an uptick of new blood too and an interest in 5E or Savage World conversions. I wonder if any will eventually fall down the rabbit hole and end up here.

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@Killer_DM Always looking for a simpler system, my own recently renewed interest in Dark Sun came with the realization it might convert well to the relatively gritty GLOG engine. With a little tweaking, I think there could be a relatively simple and interesting way to differentiate Preserving, Defiling, Divine, and Psionic mechanics using that system.

@ouroboros “Sand Drakes” is a good name, whether or not official. It’s evocative and easy to remember.