Non-Dark Sun specific adventures that work particularly well on Athas

We’re all familiar with the many adventures formally published for 2E Dark Sun, and there are a number of exhaustive lists available that tally these. 4th edition Dark Sun came with fewer, mostly forgettable (goblins? In Dark Sun …?) adventures, so there’s less to turn to there.

Can anyone recommend any non-Dark Sun specific adventures that work particularly well on Athas, with a little tweaking? They don’t have to be WotC, I know Kobold Press recently published a “desert-based” expansion rulebook for their Midgard setting, but haven’t seen any adventures specific to that area yet.

Most settings have desert areas, and many have despotic, powerful tyrants ruling over kingdoms or empires. What adventures fit particularly well into Dark Sun?


Well, here’s my previous effort at judging and/or making convertion notes for every adventure i could get my hands on. There’s also quite a few more adventures that i made notes for but haven’t moved to the spreadsheet yet.


More than any other setting I believe Athas really lends itself to DM’s creating their own adventures. I used the original storyline with the players being slaves in a caravan that was attacked, and under cover of this, the players escaped and their adventures began.

It ended with a battle on the southern edge of the Tyr region map using the second ed battle system. Good times.

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Thanks so much for attaching this. I was hoping for a suggestion or two, a recommendation or three, not a detailed spreadsheet that details a huge volume of existing adventures with notes to to Dark Sun-portability. This is a gold mine!


You’re welcome.

It started very organically, as a way to track changes so i could run the 4e Chaos Scar adventures as faux-DS, but then i juat kept reading adventures and having ideas on how to modify them for Athas. It just snowballed from there…

Hope it’s helpful.