Pristine Tower Dev Group - Vote on our Next Side Project!

Hello everyone. Greetings from the Pristine Tower Dev Group!

There are two things I’d like to discuss today.

First, I’d like to discuss our current projects:

The Crimson Sphere will be released at AthasCon at the end of the month, specifically at our panel discussion/launch party on 29 October at 4:00 EST. (Be there or be a kank’s shed exoskeleton!)

Adventures in the Dead Lands and Beyond the Dead Lands are are still in the works, and will be released in that order. I’ll let you know when we’re closer to launch for each of those.

After Adventures is released, we’ll be starting in earnest on Lost Cities of the Trembling Plains.

Now for the second item:

Even with this all on the table, we have a few free hands for a side project, so I wanted to ask the community: What book would you most like to see next?

The options are theoretically anything from the Pristine Tower Future Projects Queue, or if you can think of something else, simply suggest that.

To simplify the choices, I’ve made a survey:

What Dark Sun book should we work on next?
(select up to 3 preferences)

  • Ruins of Bodach
  • Unseen Ways
  • Villages of the Wastes
  • Lizard Folk of Athas
  • Return of a Sorcerer Queen (adventure)
  • The Green Age Sourcebook
  • City-States of the Crimson Sphere
  • Another suggestion (please specify below)

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lost lands of athas gazetters
Also, I voted for unseen ways mostly in the hopes that it will feature psionic system for 5e


We’d need an accepted, stable, usable framework of 5e DS to work off of to do that. We have no such thing yet, in-house or from WotC. :disappointed_relieved:


…and the 5e unified Dark Sun ruleset we started discussing last spring lost momentum only a few weeks after the conversation started.

A pity, we could really use it.

Anyone want to help develop a 5e Dark Sun ruleset?


I really do and did try to help as much as I could, but its outside my area of expertise.
I’m toying with a lot of ideas for 5e classes (like artificers as lifeshapers or psi crystal smith) but have no idea how to implement them properly, and as you said, with the momentum lost I don’t really have anyone to bounce off these ideas with…
I’m a fluff and arts guy, crunch is an undeveloped skill for me.:sweat_smile:

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We need more 5e mechanics writing muscle.

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I vote for Stargazers of Athas. A little something I have been working on.


And that’s happening as well.

The point here though, IMO, is what to put/ get a bunch of folks working on. It needs to be a project that quite a few people can simultaneously work on.

I’m uncertain if Stargazers is something just you @Rovewin can work on for now, or if we can pile 5-10 more writers & artiats onto it.

(But, if Stargazers gets the votes, I’m happy to try and jam people onto it! :smiley:)

Right now it’s more of a one man effort. Until it comes together a bit more. I’m happy working alone on it for now.


Ok, that’s what my feeling had been. We’ll run Stargazers in parallel with everything else. :metal:

What stargazers of athas about?

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The constellations and zodiac signs of Athas.


and the moons, planets, stars, astrology, astronomy, significant locations, etc.


So it very much ties-in with the Crimson Sphere.


Aye. It will tie in without saying “Spelljammer” in it. All from a ground based viewpoint. And it will be consistent with what we did on SJ CS.


Something I really enjoy are adventures at sea. Which would be… Adventures at Silt.

Travelling the silt, siltskimmer battle and skirmish, silt archipelagos, silt islands, silt creatures, silt vehicles crews, etc. I know there was a Ships of the Kulag Fleet (Eldaarich). Could have been very interesting.


Pirates of the Silt Sea? Now that I think about it, you’ve got to wonder why Balic even maintains a fleet. It’s probable that there is a veritable Caribbean out there in the Silt Sea, literally packed with trade goods and adventure opportunities. And where there is lucrative trade, there are pirates.


I think I read somewhere that Balic maintains several silt sea trading routes with other city-states. It has to be in the original campaign box, before the list of city-states was closed.


We kind of have one about maritime pirates in the Gazetteers section, so we could bump up the priority on that…

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Thos is still on thr “to do” list.

I personally imagine that Balic trades with the Silt Archipelago to the SE.