Sorcerer Monarch classes and prestige classes

Suggest some classes and prestige classes for the Sorcerer Monarchs. In 2E it was simple - wizard + psionicist. In 3.5e, we have more options and thus ways to further differentiate the SMs from each other.

When thinking about this, also take note of my framework.

Wizard, Psion, Cerebremancer is kind of obvious, but we have 35 to 42 levels to play with. Use anything 3.5e, including Dragon Magazine.

Lalali-Puy, Oba of Gulg: Psion, thrallherd, wizard, cerebremancer.
Tectuctitlay, Son of Ral and Guthay, Ruler of Draj: Wizard, master astrologer, psion, cerebremancer.
Hamanu, King of Urik (standard version): Wizard, psion, cerebremancer. Drawing a blank on PrCs.
Hamanu, King of Urik (Lynn Abbey version): Sorcerer, psion, cerebremancer.
Nibenay, Shadow King: Wizard, shadowcraft mage, psion, cerebremancer.
Andropinis, Dictator of Balic: drawing a blank.
Oronis of Kurn: No idea.
Daskinor, ruler of Eldaarish: No idea.
King Kalak: Psion, Wizard, Archmage, cerebremancer.

Have it it. I haven’t given it too much thought. What classes and PrCs should they have?