Tari History Timeline

Great stuff! I’m interested Brian, where do you see the ruins of Ythri as being on the map? South of Kalidnay on the original CS Boxed Set map? Or closer to Celik? Or somewhere else completely?


It seems like the person who wrote the ‘Tari of the Ythri Snarl’ interpreted Celik as Ythri, or at least the Tari living there believe so.
I think anywhere south of Celik is probably fair game, I personally stuck it in the strip of un-tainted land between the jagged cliffs and Dead Lands, and am thinking about merging it with the settlement ‘Zethri’

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Hi Bryan, awesome! I love me some Tari and some timelines.
I am going to suggest / prod / question, mostly by comparing with the Athas dot org timeline/events page.

-14,026 was the year the Rebirth races appeared first. Why are the Tari later?

Have you thought about a source for this disease? Is it psionic in origin? Is it an after effect of the rhulisti doing something?

That is an awesome amount of time passing without anything happening really.
No interactions of note with the Kreen? These migrate between -10.387 and -8.604 into the Tyr region.

Also, the timeline mentions -4.976 as the first year that Rajaat starts teaching preserver/defiling magic.

From -4.275 the Preserver Jihad begins. How do the Tari stand in that? Given their history so far I would expect some problematic defilers, but an overal lean towards preservation culturally, right?

I have seen several (online) sources be very unclear about the sex of Kalid-Ma. I personally like it better when it would be a sorcerer-queen. But whatever floats one’s boat here I guess.

Btw, where is the city of Ythri located?

And do you envision the Tari having a chance to uncover the knowledge of the past and their civilization? If so, how?

Where did the blade Del-Gen go?

Somehow I feel as if @Sysane has Ythri somewhere up north or east. Not sure why I do think so.

There is an explanation too, because if their capital would be very close to the Dead Lands, Kalid-Ma wouldn’t have taken so long to do his job. The champions went to Navaros (City of a 1,000 Dead) first and laid siege to that, before all going their seperate ways and going after their appointed targets.

Also, what is this settlement ‘Zethri’ that you mention?

I based this on an old pdf of the DS timeline that was released prior to the Revised Setting Box. I don’t think I realized the discrepancy in the dates, but will definitely adjust to -14,026.

Not psionic, but a chance encounter with remnant rhulisti life-shaping tech that had negative consequences.

There were definitely kreen interactions, but nothing especially noteworthy or impacting.

In my mind, tari weren’t naturally inclined with arcane magic, but would have no love of defiling due to their herbal based society.

I like to think that Kalid-Ma was gender fluid, especially in later years, but gravitated more to male characteristics.

Definitely south of the Tyr region as the 2e tari monster entry indicates. Other than that, I haven’t a specific location in mind.

Yes. I had an adventure planned for it. It was going to tie into the Del-Gen, which leads into…

Kalid-Ma took the blade as well as the cerebral parasites from the ruins of Ythri and locked them away in what be Kalidnay.

One of the PCs I DM’d for, a half-elf bard/fighter wields it after uncovering it during the Merchant House of Amketch adventure. Anytime they encounter tari, the blade (which is sentient) forces the character to aide them whenever possible.


Zethri might have its origins in the ‘Athas Southlands’ fan map back from the Silt Skimmer website days, it is mentioned in some of the notes for Lost Cities of the Trembling Plains as the center of southern Tanysh culture on Athas, after they swept as far south as Celik and Kalidnay many Tanysh groups broke off into various tribes, kingdoms, ect, the most influential was based around the ‘ancient city of Zethri’ the undead nomadic humans found in the Dead Lnads might be descendants/members of these groups.

I was playing with the notion Ythri was actually destroyed long before Kalid-Ma by the Tanysh, and became a sort of ‘Atlantis’ myth to the Tari, and the human city of Zethri was founded atop its ashes. Zethri is long dead too now, and Ythri just persists as a sort of idealized paradise among the Tari.

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I prefer a nonbinary Kalid-Ma too, given the power of the Sorcerer Kings and commonplace nature of body-altering psionics, lifeshaping technology ect one would imagine the Green Age and Blue Age would be pretty accustomed to a non-binary cultural concept of sex/gender, though the Rhulisti could make for some interesting cultural clashes between the deeply traditional ‘the halfling form is sacred’ Nature Masters and anything-goes Nature Benders. Given Daskinor is a Psychic Nomad who has body-hopped since the Blue Age ended who knows what kind of memories are floating around ‘his’ head.

What is your source for this?

Lost Cities of the Trembling Plains and Prison State of Eldaarich in the BWOA public release, however much is TSR unpublished content vs later fan additions I have no idea. Per the info in those Daskinor is a mind-hopper, and has been around since humans had just mutated into existence at the end of the Blue Age, being various historical figures who usually ended in disaster across the Green Age, the body of ‘Daskinor’ was the one they were currently inhabiting when becoming a Dragon, which stuck them in that one body and might have played a factor in why Daskinor is an utter lunatic.


That is this map, right: http://www.siltskimmer.org/_maps/athas_southlands.jpg

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its zethir, right, I’m an idiot.

I would really like to know if those supplements incorporated any TSR content. I thought that the only unpublished information was in the Dregoth Ascending and Dead Lands supplements.

Canon accepted.

I’ll find a way to get ythri onto the southern continent map we’ve been fiddling with in the Dead Lands project.

Is this map southwest of the dead lands, or somewhere else?

Looking at it again with the globe map at the bottom of the Athasian Cartographer’s site in hand it makes sense to be part of areas C7/C8. Southeast in C7, northeast in C8.

It kind of makes sense too, in that we have the Tari woods up north from that section then in the border area of C6/C7 next to the Dragon’s Back Mountains.

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I hope there is more to it than that because its sounds horrible tbh

Afaik it’s fanon so feel no shame in making it whatever the heck you want XD

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dont mean to offend anyone, i just prefer to keep the champions green age based. there are enough reasons for daskinor insanity without looking for them in an age he wasn’t a part of

Right. I’ve added this geography to our next version of the Southern Continent map.

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As promised: