New Southern End of Continent Map

Hello All:

Remember my previous map for the entire Athasian southern continent, based around all the Dead Lands obsidian?

Well, I’ve updated it with a few new bits of information regarding both the Dead Lands and the former Tari homeland.

See for yourself, and let me know your thoughts!


Ladies and gents, I will be updating this map soon. We’ve had to drastically change some things around after some discussions and re-reading of the Dead Lands manuscript. Stay tuned!


Right. The map has been updated with the latest Dead Lands information, as well as some more details on the surrounding areas. It also teases the full extent of the obsidian, the Old Tari Homeland, the Black Silt, the Elemental Lords, other areas we’ll be teasing for a future supplement (working title: Beyond the Dead Lands).

Have a look and enjoy!

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You cant even read the place names when you zoom in, which is a big problem.

It’s vector so it should be crisp.
Maybe it’s a problem of text contrast. We’ll fix that.

Are you opening it in acrobat or in a web browser?

I downloaded and opened in Acrobat. It’s crisp for the most part but some areas are fuzzy.
Top left

Top right

Bottom right looks a bit cut

Everything else looks clear and crisp (although my eyes don’t seem to like the red on black font :slight_smile: )

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The blurry parts are sections of the map I haven’t finished. They’re the original low res jpgs.

As for the red fonts, that’s a fair point. I’ll adjust that.

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I’ve just finished another iteration of the map.

There have been a lot of changes and improvements now:

  • The team’s diligent work on Beyond the Dead Lands has allowed us to clarify the entire obsidian boundary, including the Black Silt Sea.
  • The map of Anattan has been clarified based on our work on the Embattled Coast (also a part of Beyond the Dead Lands), and Jhonny’s most recent map.
  • The western edge of the obsidian with the Misty Sea has been clarified thanks to both Methvezem’s and the ACG maps.
  • And everything has been made to square with the ACG’s global map as much as we can get away with.

But I invite everyone to let me know if I missed anything.


Thank you to everyone for the feedback so far! Keep it coming!

I’ll work the feedback into an updated map as soon as I can.

Appreciate the maps!

Any chance of unlabeled versions for those who like to get creative with their alternate Athases?

We’ve only included names where we have applicable material for those areas (which will appear in Secrets of the Dead Lands, Beyond the Dead Lands, or some of the other planned Gazetteers based on old fanon work), but I’ll see what I can do.

Are there particular areas you want to leave unlabelled especially?

Elemental Lords? Is that based on some idea floated around?

I vaguely remember on a map (probably of a different part of the world) it said Drake Dominions.

Are they the same?

The Elemental Lords are based upon this old writeup, reprinted recently by

In Beyond the Dead Lands, we’re adapting these old write-ups to have more Rhulisti-style versions of their names (to remove the plagiarism), and to be better integrated into the world.

Among many other points of integration, these Elemental Lords are the reason why there was a Hoarwall the southern part of the Dead Lands. The S’thag Zagath used the glacier in that plateau to grow the dividing wall of ice separating their homeland from Southern Ulyan.

We’ve never saw a map for these before anywhere else. Do you have one?

All of it.

One, I collect maps, and thus would want both versions, labeled and unlabeled for the sake of having them available.

Two, since I so often deal with alternate timelines, what with me being so lore ignorant (I usually just create my own anyway) I don’t have much use for official names most of the time. But for those times when I am running something simple and/ or official. I would then need something lore based, and thus want the labels.

Three, I’m an artist of over 15 years experience, if amateur and self taught. I sometimes use parts and pieces of maps to create entirely new maps or other artwork. Inconvenient text gets in the way of that.

Ah. Ok. I’ll see what I can do.

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Beyond is still in early development but my concept is essentially that they were the Rhulisti elemental cleric architects of the Steeple of Crystals, at the top of the Pristine Tower, from Dregoth Ascendent. Specifically, they are the “evil” elemental clerics mentioned in the timeline, whom actually sided with the Nature Benders due to the Nature Masters persecuting anyone who threatened their power and view of “purity”, be they psions, druids, spellcasters, ect.

The Pristine Tower is clearly a result of more than lifeshaping, so my take was that is was actually initially built as a project by Elemental Clerics and other “Sciences” (as the rhulisti knew little-understood magic) and the Nature-Masters effectively seized it and tried to understand it before the First of Wars. The Brown Tide led to a desperate “truce” as the Elemental Clerics were brought in, being the only people who actually knew how it worked, and they sort of jury rigged the thing to harness the power of the sun to burn away the oceans and brown tide. In the aftermath they were effectively granted amnesty, and went south to continue their research on a mountain ridge that used to be an island chain- their studies of the Elemental Planes, and desire to extend their own lives, led them to kill and steal the essences of actual Elemental (or Paraelemental) Lords and become prime-material demigods of a sort. This act caused devastating effects on the Elemental Planes and earned them the eternal hatred of the actual elementals. They were worshiped as local gods of the south in the Green Age, and the Shining Tide didn’t affect them as they were up in the high mountains south of Ulyan- however, each of them, similarly to the mind lords, have gone insane or become corrupted by the rot of the elemental planes and necromantic energy of the dead lands, and are largely at war with each other.


Unused content from Dregoth Ascending, Steeple of Crystals stained glass, thanks to Gab’s archive


It’s using the same text on the sides from “Mystery of the Ancients” from the Revised Box Set. Sun, Guthay, and Ral are in alignment. Cool find!

Not to sound like a dick, but people are aware that the Steeple of Crystals is from Denning’s novel before it’s from Dregoth Ascending, right? There’s like a decade between them.

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The elemental lords concept is cool.

On a side note, the Drake Dominions are safe once more.

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