New Southern End of Continent Map

Hello All:

Remember my previous map for the entire Athasian southern continent, based around all the Dead Lands obsidian?

Well, I’ve updated it with a few new bits of information regarding both the Dead Lands and the former Tari homeland.

See for yourself, and let me know your thoughts!


Ladies and gents, I will be updating this map soon. We’ve had to drastically change some things around after some discussions and re-reading of the Dead Lands manuscript. Stay tuned!


Right. The map has been updated with the latest Dead Lands information, as well as some more details on the surrounding areas. It also teases the full extent of the obsidian, the Old Tari Homeland, the Black Silt, the Elemental Lords, other areas we’ll be teasing for a future supplement (working title: Beyond the Dead Lands).

Have a look and enjoy!

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You cant even read the place names when you zoom in, which is a big problem.

It’s vector so it should be crisp.
Maybe it’s a problem of text contrast. We’ll fix that.

Are you opening it in acrobat or in a web browser?

I downloaded and opened in Acrobat. It’s crisp for the most part but some areas are fuzzy.
Top left

Top right

Bottom right looks a bit cut

Everything else looks clear and crisp (although my eyes don’t seem to like the red on black font :slight_smile: )

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The blurry parts are sections of the map I haven’t finished. They’re the original low res jpgs.

As for the red fonts, that’s a fair point. I’ll adjust that.

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