The infamous TSR Trading card sets

I’m trying to get a canon list for the 2E NPCs (with the stats included). Does anyone have the character cards from the TSR collections that they could snap a quick pic of the front and back so I can add them to the list (they aren’t the easiest to Google)? Pretty sure I cut out all the non-NPC cards from the following list.

Collector’s cards

1991 set

746: Neeva

1992 set

321: Evanika
350: Konetarchess
351: Rokor
352: Aladoom
353: Voree “the Beast”
654: Azhul the Hasty (Road to Urik series)
655: Anavias of the Split Rock (Road to Urik series)
656: Chividal (Road to Urik series)
657: Vaerhirmana (Road to Urik series)
658: T’kkyl (Road to Urik series)
659: Herminard the Eloquent (Road to Urik series)
660: Quick Wenzer (Road to Urik series)
661: Dlasva (Road to Urik series)
662: Captain Kazhal (Road to Urik series)
745: Wijon
746: Mikor
3 (of 11): Kharros Patesh (Gencon promotional card)

1993 set

16: Neeva
17: Salicia
34: Thal Thasak
39: Shayira
103: Ogut’jal
104: Quissaria
106: Farhard of the Split Rock
138: Uluth’gak
150: Talanoa
151: Cirillo
152: Baber
155: Zurn
156: Foucault
157: Powell
158: Wachter
159: Stef’fa Naf’ski
213: Tarda
214: Klefen
215: Zaryl
257: Shala
308: Kulvar-Tam
317: Kyris’n
325: Vel the Traveler
326: Chuka-tet
327: Loorta
358: Basher the Dwarf
364: Tarcia Kharkoban
419: Toola
420: Angia
488: Joolan Entine
2 (of 60): Graytch (rare card set)
8 (of 60): Rowan (rare card set)
9 (of 60): Drasna (rare card set)
12 (of 60): Aegis (rare card set)
19 (of 60): Galek Sandstrider (rare card set)
20 (of 60): Ka’Cha (rare card set)

I am slowly hunting all the cards down. Here’s what I have found so far.

Hopefully this will help you with classes and levels. Although some of them seem crazy powerful.

This checklist might help you. Good hunting.

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Pretty sure I got them all. I left out the main Pentad characters figuring you accounted for them already.

TSR DS Cards


Awesome! There was a little interesting flavor text/background on Neeva. Something that wasn’t in the novels.


Gotcha. I uploaded Neeva to the folder as well.


Yes, that she was Tithian’s cousin.


I’m definitely not running with that. It’s not really a detail that adds anything to the story, except to make Tithian more of an SoB.

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