World maps for Athas

What maps exist? Any full world maps, partials, what?


Officially, there is no map of the entire planet. Unofficially, there are several floating around the internet.

What maps do exist?

The one from the original 2e boxed set, which is (I think) the same area covered by the one from the 4e campaign setting book, which is the Tablelands and the immediate surrounding area.

The one from Valley of Dust and Fire, which showed a good chunk of the Silt Sea, the titular Valley of Dust and Fire, and a tiny bit of the eastern shorline of the Silt Sea.

The one from the revised 2e boxed set, which mostly expanded northwards to places like the Last Sea, but also a little southwards to show the northern chunk of the Dead Lands and westwards to show the Crimson Savanna.

I think there’s one from Windriders of the Jagged Cliffs, which mostly expanded northwestwards to show even more of the Crimson Savanna, but I’m not positive.

Lastly, I’ve heard there was/is/will be one included with Secrets of the Dead Lands that will expand southwards to include most/all of the titular Dead Lands. This was a 2e product that was never released. has been working on updating it to 3.5e, and last I heard they were really close, but nothing as of yet.

As for the rest of the planet, there have been a few descriptive hints.

The original 2e boxed set actually describes how big the Silt Sea is, and that the Ringing Mountains surround the entire thing. Along the western and eastern coasts, the mountain ranges run parallel to the coast, while along the the northern and southern coasts they run perpendicular. Later maps, however, show the Ringing Mountains to stop along the boundaries of the original map, so take that as you will.

Lastly, the 4e campaign setting book states that the rest of Athas is actually worse than what has been mapped/described thus far.

I hope that helps.

Some of the best fanmade maps can be found here:

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I have been a dark sun player since i bought the revised edition in the late 90s (covered in a layer of dust) as my mate got the Planescape campaign boxset. I have spend years on and off and collected most of the original 1st and 2nd edition sealed books.

There are a LOT of maps and some in unexpected sourcebooks: The Thri-kreen of athas with pictures of all the kreen types and the kreen empire, Elves of Athas (with pictures of elven tibes by excellent veteren illustrator Tony Diterlizzi) City State of Tyr, Ivory Triangle expansion box (city maps of Gulg and Nibenay), Valley of Dust and Fire, City by the Silt Sea box set, Windriders of Athas, and Mindlords of the last sea. The most expansive is certainly the paper fold out in the revised boxset. The trick is you have to find second hand sealed or described as with map (lucky if not sealed). Some boxed adventures like Dragons Crown had maps but theae are usually limited to close ups of areas already known or flesh out an expansice buiding etc

Thanks for the link, appreciate the GreenAge Tyr region one.

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I made my own map with all location knowed, but with names in portuguese…

The Dark Sun 4E Campaign have a map for every cities in the Tablelands and a good one for the Tablelands.

Map expansions:
Valley of Dust & Fire for the East map
Thri-Kreen of Athas expend the West
Official Altaruk map in the Forest Maker

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There is also this:


Hello guys. It’s nice to see there is stil interest in Dark Sun maps. About that, I was compairing the files I have here with those available at and discovered that I have here an image of all the parts there combined and an extra, the Sundra Penninsula Region! Although I’ve searched for it throught the internet I couldn’t find anything… anyone has a clue about it?

Just to say that I didn’t came back empty handed, I found here (, a file that mentions this region.

Other than that, I also have some maps made by David Tisch that I saved from his site “” (with his brother authorization) and would share with someone willing to keep it on-line as Daegmorgan does with Brian’s Maps.

Here it is!


Is there any more of the map?
I am having difficulty accessing the maps on daegmorgan. How do you access a RAR file on a PC?

I couldn’t find more.

As to the other question, have you tried to open the file with winrar??

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So is this stuff just fan made? Like the Sundra region?

I tried with a Winrar. I think I’m using it wrong, because it didn’t work.

Use the 7zip utility instead of winrar.

It opens almost every kind of archive out there.

Yes, it is all fan-made material. The only area covered officially appears, in its entirety, on the 2 maps that come with the revised box set (the expanded Tyr Region map and the Jagged Cliffs Region map) - with the exception of an extended portion of the Silt Sea and a tiny sliver of land on the other side, shown on the map from The Valley of Dust and Fire. - a compilation of the above mentioned 2 maps

Strangely, no one has posted a usable version of the VoDaF map that comes up on a google search, except as shown on this compilation map…

  • do note that the northeastern corner is NOT official. Basically, the top half of the extra land mass on the right side of the map and the Silt Sea region directly above it are all unofficial extensions.

Hi All,

The Athasian Cartographer’s Guild site specifically states that you have to click the image thumbnails themselves in order to get .jpg’s of the map sections. If you click the name next to the thumbnail, you will download a .rar of Photoshop CS assets intended for graphic design use. If you do not have photoshop or don’t know how to use it, make sure you get the .jpg’s instead.


That’s good to know.

Yay! They used my little map a made, like almost two decades ago with a simple bit-map program!

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I dont know how much people really look into it and or think about it, but the hottest temp on Athas isnt that far off from the hottest temp here on earth. I dont remember off the top of my head but for some reason I believe it was only 20 or less degrees fahrenheit. Plus the Tyr region is sitting close to the mid part of the planet what we call the earths equator line. If that is the case then the poles on Athas would still be cold. Now most people may not know this because all they see is desert or silt. However if they were able to live long enough to make the trip they should find that it is really cold at the poles. To be honest if its only 20 degrees fahrenheit then their would still be ice at the poles as well.

All that said, this is one of the reasons why I love Dark Sun more then any other D&D campaign setting, because there is just so much unknown with allows for so much creativity. End the end the DMs and do what they want for the most point and their isn’t much to say that what they decided couldnt be true. I just really love that about this setting.