World maps for Athas

Thanks, unfortunately you have your drive locked down now so the link isn’t accessible.

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You can try now. Sorry. I didn’t notice :wink:

Thank you :pray:, it works great now! :+1:

And compliments to the cartographer! Great map!!!

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Many thanks. I’ve been working on it for years with the helpful information of the community of the Prisitine Tower. They are awesome!


I am pleased to announce the first releases for the updated Athasian Cartographer’s Guild world map!


Upload a little bit improved version o f my big detailed map. Here higher resolution on Drive

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Hey Jhonny.

As always, you make beautiful maps. :slight_smile:

I also love the plethora of details you’ve come up with for the Anattan continent. I’ll see how many of these we can port over to the ACG map when we get there.

One question: What happened with your Dead Lands? It kind of looks like you missed most of the map info from both the Dead Lands boxed set and the ACG world map tiles we’ve released. As a result, none of your obsidian areas match any released book or upcoming book.

If you like, I’m happy to get you early access to the maps we have for the southern continent geography we’re using for the upcoming Frontiers of the Dead Lands book. In this book we’ve kind of defined the limits (or frontiers, if you will) of the entire Obsidian Plane and the Black Silt Sea.


Many Thanks Jack and thanks for all the people who apreciate my version of the map.

As we talked -sadly- Dead Lands and other features are far from being finished that’s why some areas are pretty messy. I’ll try to incorporate the information from boxed set and the ACG world map as soon as I can.

Talking about the southern frontiers of the Dead Lands I think I am not going to expand the map more than the measures that I am working on. It is too much for me for the moment.


No worries, but I can help you get the extents of the map you have now matching the sources we have.


Sure! You can PM on discord (I think the comunication is easer there) if you want and tell me. I’ll respond as soon as I can.