World maps for Athas

As sooooon as I clean my HD, I will put online all the stuff I gathered from ages. Then, if peoples want to add things, it would be a great treasure of material!


Do it, brother! I would like you to host my content.

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Seems like a really good idea @Grummore

Jack, is that composite graphic floating around anywhere else these days? The pCloud link doesn’t work anymore.


I have a map of the World’s Edge (B5 on the cartographer map), that I filled in with towns. The main city being Harrow Spring.
None of this area had settlements on the cartographer’s guild, so I filled it in myself to give me the perfect place to set my Ghosts of Saltmarsh conversion to Dark Sun. IF you want to use it I’m fine with it, but if you want to keep it blank that is fine too. I could also use fix it so the old Dark Sun symbols are used instead of the symbols I used. let me know.


Hi John:

Apologies, I removed it (I needed the space for my day job).

But I can add it back again to a different location.

@grummore - Do you have space for this load of maps, and if so how may I upload them for you?

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Yes, I have space to upload things.

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And I created this google folder for folks to upload things to, to save for the community. thanks for the great idea Grummore!
Feel Free to Add your own content to the uploads folder and we’ll organize it.


Brilliant. Thank you. What an amazing resource!

Once I’ve finished the planetary view map tweaks (and the Dead Lands map tweaks), I’ll pass over the folder as something like “planetary survey”.
I’ll try to reconcile as much developed content as I can into the big map, and it should by that point be calibrated to the distance measurements I’ve found as well.

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It’s still very far from what I’d consider presentable but I’ve been working on a Green-Age campaign map that is an amalgamation of pretty much every single piece of info, official or fan, I could find, mostly working to reconcile Brax’s and Brian Sanchez’s (Athasian Cartographers Guild) stuff. The recent release of stuff like the Wisdom of Sorrows and the worldbuilding stuff in Secrets of the Dead Lands and Lost Cities of the Trembling Plains have been fantastically helpful. Among my attempts to merge info:
-Per by own self-applied campaign rules nothing can be of an extraplanar origin and only the described Rebirth races are of Rhulisti stock (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Orc, Goblin, Ogre, Giant, Pixies, and Wemics/Tauric,and Pterrans, Aaracokra, Kobolds, and Lizardfolk were former Nature Benders incapable of reproducing with the more ‘halfling-like’ races. Anything else is either an undiscovered species, mutant, lifeshaped, ect)
-Anattan and the Reman continent are one and the same, the ‘smaller but most temperate’ continent on Athas. The future Cauldron is the site of Reman itself, and most of the inhabitable continent is densely settled by humans, orcs, elves, dwarves, and Pterrans, with the Pterran’s civilization concentrated on the Sundra Peninsula. Sharn, Khormen, Braxon, and Marendol from the Anattan map were far-flung Reman coastal cities that were spared the volcanic apocalypse; the ‘thousands of feet of concreted ash’ Braxa describes is more concentrated in the east. The inhabitants of the Anattan cities and Suna Republic (arguably a successor to Reman) on the Sundra Peninsula are half-elves to match Brax’s info on post-Rajaat Reman, though Faye’Loryn are Half-Elves trying to preserve Elven culture. A surprising amount of ancient Remans were human-elf-orc hybrids.
-Going by the info for Olnach in Secrets of the Dead Lands, the agricultural limit would end well north of the actual geographic south pole featured on Brian’s world map, I’ve been excusing that as some weird orbital feature of Athas resulting in the agricultural belt being much narrowly concentrated around its Equator, likewise, not all regions saw verdant growth after the end of the Blue Age and the far western continents were likely too desertified to be habitable to match Braxa’s ‘only three habitable continents.’
-The 'Equatorial Continent" was more sparsely settled than the others, home to a lot of Goblins and the ‘Mountain Men,’ Kel Tan, and proto-Draj. The first two were of Tanysh descent who crossed over on Reman ships, while the Kel Tan were originally Remans but evolved their own highly distinct culture. Most settled civilization was concentrated along the eastern coast toward the Pristine Continent, which traded with Brian Sanchez’s elves of the inland sea that became the Crimson Savannah. The giant Argonath statues Brian describes were made by Remans long before the inter-ethnic (I’m more emphasizing humans, elves, giants, dwarves, goblins, orcs, giants, and ogres are all basically the same thing, ie weird offshoots of Rhulisti) strife of the Rebirth races started. The continent and its richest metal deposits on the planet saw an economic boom during the Jihad and Cleansing Wars, but metalworking polluted and shriveled up the inland sea to the toxic morass it now is, with remnants of what little survives clinging to its edges.
-Dunswich was founded by Geshur, the same humans who settled Saragar.
-The ‘Storm Queen’ in Brian’s notes on Chuul Jungles is probably one and the same with the mysterious winged Hafling Avangion figure from the Church in Undertyr and the Hinterland ruins. (‘Iliandrim’)

  • Pennarin’s Illithids, instead of a Rebirth race, were originally Remans who stumbled upon Rhulisti bio-experiments and got infected with proto-ceromorphs, they didn’t really emerge until the Cleansing Wars and ruin of Reman, which forced them to flee from the Hiramin Highlands (per Brian, they would be to the southeast of Faye’Loryn). -Gith, Githyanki and Githzerai are more humans who were somewhere along mutating into something like Dray or Dragons, giving them the reptilian aspects. Hej-Kin (former Dwarves), Anakores (who knows), and the other ‘reptilian’ mutants are likewise failed ‘pseudo-dragon’ things that went terrible wrong, produced by Rhulisti mutagens like the Pristine Tower, psionic energy, defiling, who knows what else, both intentional and environmental.
    -I’m categorizing the Elves of Athas mostly between the ‘Ghost Elves’ (the Western Elves of Saragar and beyond the Jagged Cliffs, Ra’Gaelyn, Brian’s inland sea cities, ect) ‘Kurn Elves’ (any elves east of Saragar and the Jagged Cliffs, ancestors of pretty much every Dark Sun) and ‘Regal’ Elves (Reman Elves, functionally went extinct millenia ago along with Reman humans in favor of modern Half-Elven Remans).
    -I’m preserving the Land Within the Wind/Feywild from 4E but its instead an artificial ‘mindscape’ on a grand scale, created by Elves and Pixies out of the Grey itself, and Eladrin are the Elven equivalent of Elan or Maenar. It allowed the Pixies of Vanarra and Elves to master stuff like pocket dimensions ala Imaskar in Forgotten Realms, with entire cities fit into citadels. By the Brown Age most of it has decayed and been reabsorbed into the Gray, while some areas like former Vanarra are very, very undead and corrupted.
    -Any Tieflings and Devils/Demons are instead living psionic fragments of Daskinor’s personality.

Thanks so much for sharing this. I love the way you have put a lot of effort into combining extant canon/non-canon lore, mapping, write-ups into one whole that has formed your own campaign.

You mention Brax and Brian, both are known to me. But which exact documents/accessories from Brax are you talking about? And you mention Brian’s notes, I searched my archives but don’t think I have those. Do you know a place where those are still hosted?

I found Braxa’s info through Ur Braxa, which is mostly dead, but their info on Reman survived miraculously in the ‘Athasian Photography’ section, and Brian’s info is scattered across the wotc chat archive called ‘Athas Planetary and Cosmological View’



But I’m not sure all the pages are still accessible. I was able to get the first 9 or so and the last few.

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This is some great work in this thread. I was also interested to look at the proposed Deadlands map which includes elemental-lord city states, which is an idea I’ve seen tossed around other places as well. I really gelled with the ‘Mysteries of Athas’ concept of just putting together lots of alternative visions of extra canonical lore. Like I could see assembling ideas for the dead gods of Athas, alternative versions of the history and other continents, etc. It is interesting that this proposed map seems to have become fairly widely accepted (I made an alternative world map myself, but I’ve never seen anything else proposed for a planet wide view). Is everyone completely satisfied with that, or are we just defaulting to it because it’s been floating around for so long and has been used by some many other projects? It seems like the Deadlands project is going to alter some of its elements, but is the apparent direction that the rest of it is basically going to be used, or are further changes still under consideration for future developments?

I’m personally very invested in the ‘planetary romance’ angle of the setting – I started with 2e – the revised campaign setting was one of the first DnD products I ever bought when I was like 9 years old. The halfling biotech is in the introductory adventure. I’m also intrigued by the concept that the Crimson Savannah is an ancient sea bed – that gets at the idea of the thri-kreen as stand ins for the green martians roaming the dry sea beds of Mars/Barsoom. I’ve even seen the idea proposed that most of the rest of the planet consists of these dried up sea beds and thri-kreen. In any event, I’d be super interested to imagine what exists beyond the Tablelands in a more comprehensive way, even if it’s just a serious of options instead of one canon everyone will use.

The maps on the athasian cartography site are certainly interesting and are an impressive attempt to imitate the original style – but they’re also incomplete and don’t line up completely with each other or with the originals (the mountains are different sizes, some of the areas’ borders don’t match up). I think it’d be awesome to try to make some resources which were a complete, systematic, same-style, larger picture of the planet that incorporates all this material, but isn’t in several slightly different styles, includes the new Deadlands stuff, etc. I’d also like a pony.

I use worldographer for my homebrew maps, and I’m not good enough with GIMP or acrobat or anything like that. I toyed with a version of the Drake’s tail peninsula from the athasian cartography site and recreated it in worldographer using it’s tracing function. It’s easy to make a hex map that looks like the imagined area using the convert underlay function, but if you drill down to the details a lot of the individual hexes will have odd choices because the program is trying to match the color palette of the original and it’s not a perfect translation between individual features and the the hexes it uses to represent those colors. I can try to post some examples if anyone’s interested.

I could slowly the main continent into big hex maps like this that would all have the same style (with the limitations I noted). It might be interesting to try to combine the notes in that Wizard’s thread with some crowdsourced ideas – like each region could have about 100 bullet points as ideas (e.g., Plain of Zak’thask – psionic crystal hivemind entity that pierces an arid plane, inhabited by elf variants who all have parasitic crystal entities living in a symbiotic relationship with them).


Hey there.

Speaking as the chap who has been responsible for some of the shake-ups to the Dead Lands map and southern continent over the past year, as well as the person who made that new Dead Lands and southern continent map (Development Discussion for Dead Lands - #20 by neujack), the reason why I’ve done this was to fill the gaping hole in the map left by the Cartographer’s Guild due to simply not having the information.

The only part of this map that is set right now is the red box, which is in the upcoming Dead Lands book. The rest I included in an effort to contain the blackglass. And all those other areas are open to development and detailing by whomever feels up to the task. :slight_smile:

I wanted to give you all something to play with surrounding the lands, and there are even some sections of the obsidian plain which haven’t been detailed yet. So we’re open to ideas…

Do you have a bigger, higher-res version of this? I can try to turn it into one or more big hex maps with a bigger file – the program’s output in terms of it’s fidelity is pretty closely linked to how good the original image you’re working with is. Bigger images pick up a lot more detail in worldograper

I don’t think it’s a bad fix at all – I was just interested because I think the other proposal for that kind of area was the Drake Dominions on the far western side of the continent. Of course, there could be two such areas – one could be oriented towards the paraelements, or one could be ruled by elemental lords and the other priests, or one could have some kind of elemental civil war going on – the options are really endless aren’t they? The setup you have leaves a lot of interesting possibilities for wars between the bugdead and the elementalists.
Here’s an attempt at a section of Green Age athas as a hex map

Here’s another attempt: (this will load slowly – you’ll notice the program tries to reflect the labels a little, so it’s really necessary to have an unmarked map to get the best results)

The source image is plenty large (36600 by 12400 currently lol) but I still have a lot of work to do on it, like adding the new revised ulyan/dead lands, fixing colors, ect

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If you’re improving the world map in our neck of the woods, I’d be interested to see what you come up with…

oh no just incorporating your new take on the dead lands into my map, I was using the older variant from higher up in this thread. I like how you also put a former lake in that far western extent of the obsidian plain lol

I stuck Ythri/Zethri up where ‘Reaver’s Reach’ is on that chunk of the Hinterlands/Tablelands above the Misty Sea and Ulyan, was going with the notion that Ythri was destroyed in ages past by the Tanysh as they pushed south and raided cities like Lizardfolk Celik, the ruins were resettled and renamed ‘Zethri’ which became the center of Tanysh culture in the far south. Working off the info from Wisdom of Sorrow I’m having it so Kadiran Firehand (the statue in Yaramuke in ‘Black Flames’) was the first King of the Tanysh, who conquered Malai cities like Yaramuke, Nibenay, and Raam, and pushed south, but the Tanysh Empire collapsed very swiftly into many independent kingdoms, city states, and tribes.
If taking the info that Giustenal is over 12,000 years old at face value, the rise and fall of a unified Tanysh and the return of Remans to their mother continent had to have happened in the immediate 2,000 years after the end of the Blue Age. Going by the timeline in Lost Cities of the Trembling Plains humans went from living in caves to founding Tanys in only 88 years.

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